Krista grew up in a small town in Ohio, with no dream but a desire to get OUT and change her scenery to something more inspiring. After living in Chicago working in consulting at a job she knew wasn’t right, she took a chance and quit her job and traveled to Patagonia for two months where she disconnected and reconnected with herself. She moved to New York City to be with her now, boyfriend Justin, whom she had met less than 5x IRL (that’s another story that involves a psychic for another day…)

In New York City while working at a job that was part time in London, she started The Hundred Blog to document her travels and share her experiences around the world in cities like Marrakech, Majorca, Lisbon, Cape Town, Tokyo…Although her work in digital marketing evolved alongside her blog, she continued to struggle to find her WHY. Knowing it would be more than just the blog. 

After moving to Los Angeles she was able to truly spread her wings and connect with her spirit. Through a series of rejections from what she thought was her dream job (SoulCycle) she connected with Lindsey. There they started having deep meaningful conversations around rejection, fear, relationships, finding purpose…

They decided to record these conversations on their closet floor, and after 7 months of practicing, through lots of trial and error (and an introduction they had recorded by someone for $5 from Fiverr) they launched Almost 30. 

Almost 30 has now grown to become a media company, brand and community around the world where Krista is able to utilize all her skills in sales, marketing, social media, strategy and most importantly her human-ness everyday. Today you can find her in her Modern Tree-House by the beach (working most likely) or traveling the world with her sweet gorgeous boyfriend.

Ya want to know what lights her up? Making people feel less alone, more like themselves and less unafraid..because there’s a lot of change and transitions always happening in peoples lives. Sometimes this journey gets lonely and if she can be the girl in your ears making you laugh (with some dirty or self deprecating humor) or making you think…then she’ll consider her job done.


An innovator from birth, Lindsey Simcik was the type of kid who treated imaginary friends to a self-produced three-act musical in her living room. She graduated from her fireplace performances and moved onto the big stage in cities like Boston and New York, growing her resume, which is surely highlighted on the internet somewhere, lost and abandoned. Always a hustler, Lindsey has been a bartender, fit model, and a Senior SoulCycle Instructor among many other odd jobs, which unknowingly prepared her for a creative endeavor, the sheer mass of which, she could have never anticipated.  With her co-founder and best friend, Krista Williams, Lindsey is making an impact on a global scale by being herself and inspiring others to do the same. With over 4 million downloads and fans in over 150 countries, The Almost 30 Podcast is quickly becoming more than just a podcast, it is a thriving community and movement.

Currently based in LA, Lindsey's boldest job description is that of 'CREATOR.' She is re-defining success by the day and using her hustle to make waves in and out of her main offices in Santa Monica. Beyond the daily life of being a co-founder and host of their iTunes top rated podcast, she shines regularly as a print and fit model for brands such as Asics, Elie Tahari, and Carbon38, and as various characters, like “Alicia”, a quirky Australian blogger, on her YouTube channel.  Lindsey was also recently caught playing a spin instructor on a hit ABC Network show - which confirms type casting IS a thing!


Chloe Leonard is a designer and creative director and has been with the podcast since the beginning. While she's not working her magic behind the scenes of Almost 30, she's designing websites, logos, brands, social media campaigns, and more for an amazing list of clients at her personal design studio Leo Creative. Chloe was born and raised in Northern California (the small town of Novato, just outside of San Francisco), attended Chapman University in Southern California, and studied public relations in Florence, Italy. During her time in college, she met Lindsey as a devoted rider in her SoulCycle Newport Beach classes, leading to her start with Almost 30 as their intern while finishing school, and the rest is history.

Chloe has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and English has worked with clients and companies like Tori Spelling, HUM Nutrition, Y7 Studio, and more. Today, you can find Chloe living in Los Angeles, teaching Krista and Lindsey all of her "cool" millennial lingo, stealing aux cords and playing Mark Morrison's "Return of the Mack" everywhere she goes.


Kaila McManus is a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Enthusiast and aspiring Holistic Nutritionist.  When she’s not working for the podcast or in class she doubles as a pilates instructor at Studio Lagree. She is passionate about inspiring and educating others to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves through the implementation of whole foods and functional exercise.

She recently joined Almost 30 after helping organize one of their tour stops north of the border. That’s right, North of the Border. Kaila was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and calls the Greater Toronto Area home. (Fingers crossed, soon to be LA… She’s manifesting over here). She has her Bachelors Degree from Queen’s University and is currently studying at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Kaila is an OG Almost 30 listener and felt like Krista and Lindsey we her best friends right from the get go, and now she is living her dream working for them and helping them to bring all of their visions to life for our badass community.