Ep. 151 Go With Your Gut for The Healthiest You with Robyn Youkilis


Robyn Youkilis is here and ready to talk gut health, emotional weight, and how we can take care of our bodies to better connect with our intuition. This is a girl who knows her genius – healing your gut + your emotional well-being – and we really admire the honesty and consistency in the way she communicates. We also fell in love with Robyn’s most recent book, Thin from Within: The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight, a coaching guide and cookbook mashup that is designed to help you optimize your digestion and shed emotional and physical weight from the inside out.

And here’s a fun fact: Robyn is also intuitive, and she weaves that into her nutrition practice in some beautiful, effective ways. We also chat about…

  • Crying + Running = Crunning

  • Who was Robyn in her early 20s?

  • Getting certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Emotional weight

  • How gut + intuition became Robyn’s focus

  • What should our poop look like?

  • How Robyn’s diet and eating have changed over the past decade

  • The rule of 5 plate

  • How to break a sugar addiction

  • What’s the best boozy beverage?

  • A shoutout to Cardi B

  • The ferocity of love

  • Breastfeeding

  • How do you train your mind + body to curb emotional and binge eating behaviors?


Ep. 146 A Lesson on Fasting, Breaking Sugar Addiction, and The Fountain of Youth with Superfood School Founder Lynnette Astaire


Today we chat with a great friend of ours, Lynnette Astaire, the Founder of Superfood School. Lynnette has an incredible story and a fascinating relationship with food, a tool she’s used to overcome PCOS and radiate from the inside out.



Just as a disclaimer for this episode: we talk a lot about juice fasting, but we’re not pushing anything or suggesting anyone do a fast necessarily. Our philosophy is always do what is best for your body! But Lynette’s take on fasting and the science behind it is unique.  We loved digging into the mental and spiritual awakenings she experiences during her fasts.


We talk about...


  • Lynnette’s famous green juice

  • The two different types of juicers

  • Why the most important part of a fast is how you break it

  • Lynnette’s journey with food

  • An entrepreneurial Rice Krispie Treat story

  • Learning how to run a franchise

  • The origins of Superfood School

  • Lynnette’s favorite superfoods

  • What you can do to get the nutrients you need when life is just too busy

  • The controversy around smoothies + juice fasting

  • How to break a sugar addiction

  • Impossible Burger VS Beyond Burger

  • What makes a healthy snack bar?

  • This cycle we call life



  • Learn more | superfoodschool.com

  • Instagram | @superfoodschool_

  • Facebook | facebook.com/superfoodschool

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Ep. 145 Diversifying Women’s Health: Conversations on Mental Health, Holistic Wellness, & More with Editor-in-Chief Liz Plosser

Image from iOS (1).jpg

Liz Plosser is the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, a magazine we’ve always loved because they showcased real women + real bodies – and as you’ll hear in this episode, Liz is taking big steps to further to diversify what the publication shares and evolve the brand! This is the largest health-focused media brand, reaching 36 million women in the United States alone, so it’s critical that we have awesome people like Liz pushing for more conversations on topics like mental health and bringing incredible columnists like Gabby Bernstein into the fold.



But before the interview, Krista + Lindsey answer some of YOUR questions about health + wellness from the Secret Facebook Group!! Stay tuned (and join the group to get in on the fun) because soon we’ll be sharing an episode that is all answers to your questions for Lindsey + Krista!


This episode includes…


  • Liz’s journey to Women’s Health

  • Advice for managing a team

  • Why they’re adding mental health content to every single issue

  • 360° holistic wellness

  • Liz’s self-care routine + spiritual practice

  • What Liz is excited about in the future

  • Transitioning from digital to print

  • Tips for manifesting the career you want




Ep. 141 Queen of the Bees Carly Stein on Why We Must #SaveTheBees and How Sustainable Beekeeping Improved Her Health and Gave Her Purpose


Carly Stein lives and breathes bees. She is a beekeeper herself, an advocate for saving the bees (and our food supply) through sustainable beekeeping, and the Founder + CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals.



If you haven’t heard of it yet, Beekeeper’s Naturals is an incredible company with a simple purpose: to bring us the highest quality products from the hive and nurture a greater awareness for saving our bees. Their naturally-sourced superfoods are effective alternatives to some of your typical, chemical-based OTC medicines – and these superfoods have become an important part of Lindsey + Krista’s daily routines as of late, helping them feel their best by leveraging the magic of nature!


Carly’s story also has a way of making you want to keep bees, too! Should we?!?!  She’s so smart, so kind, and on a mission to #savethebees. This episode’s conversation includes…


  • How propolis changed Carly’s life + not being able to find any in Vancouver inspired her to start Beekeeper’s Naturals

  • Falling in love with beekeeping

  • The female-driven bee society

  • Why “organic” honey is actually extremely difficult to produce (even if it’s made on an organic farm)

  • Why we’re losing a disproportionate number of bees – and why that’s a HUGE problem!

  • All the bee products: propolis, pollen, honey, and royal jelly

  • Why Carly washes her face with honey

  • The benefits of CBD + how BKD created a unique CBD honey

  • Building up the Beekeeper’s Naturals business

  • Finding your dream job

  • The hardest part of running BKN

  • How you can turn your vision + passion into a business

  • Learning to ignore the BS stories we tell ourselves that hold us back

  • How Beekeeper’s Naturals will change the world (and how you can help)



Ep. 139 Dave Asprey (Founder of Bulletproof Coffee) on Spiritual Evolution, Becoming a Biohacker, Hormone Health, & His Entrepreneurial Journey

Image from iOS (2).jpg

You’ve probably already heard of Dave Asprey, or at least Bulletproof Coffee and the Bulletproof Diet. It’s pretty much grown from a trend to a phenomenon over the past couple years. Lindsey + Krista, honestly, didn’t quite know what Dave would be like in an interview – but Dave really showed up for this conversation and, as you’ll hear, he is truly passionate about the brand, the mission, and the movement behind Bulletproof.



We were also able to ask a lot of your questions in this episode! We love being able to bring all of you into the conversation, before and after the episode. So if you want to talk Bulletproof with #ALMOST30NATION (or provide your own insight and commentary for future episodes), click here to join the secret Facebook group!


This episode includes…


  • How Dave made a small fortune by the time he was 26... and then lost it when he was 28

  • Being the first person to sell a product over the internet

  • The connection between gut health + brain health

  • Importing smart drugs from Europe

  • Dave’s journey building the Bulletproof brand + business

  • You are simultaneously a rational human being + an irrational animal

  • Raising $50M+ in funding for Bulletproof

  • How holotropic breathing (a successor to Stanislav Grof’s LSD-based psychedelic therapy) transformed Dave’s life

  • The biology of belief

  • Why younger people are wiser today than they were 40 years ago

  • What you eat affects how you feel – more than anything else!

  • If you stop doing the things that make you weak, that’s more powerful than doing the things that make you strong

  • Ketones + ketosis

  • The relationship between Bulletproof, ketones, ketosis, and hormones

  • Intermittent fasting for women

  • Why almost every spiritual traditional has an element of fasting

  • The staples of the Bulletproof diet that everyone should be leveraging

  • How inflammatory foods affect you days later

  • What’s up with coffee?

  • Dave’s favorite biohack right now



Ep. 132 Amanda Chantal Bacon on Sex, Partnership, Accessible Self-Care + Her Moon Juice Empire

Image from iOS.jpg

Amanda Chantal Bacon (now Amanda Rogove) is a magical star seed. You heard us right. Amanda is the creator of Moon Juice, a world-traveling chef, a sustainable lifestyle leader, and a passionate food educator. What she’s been able to build with Moon Juice is of another planet. They always have what your body and soul have been craving. It’s delicious, beautiful, and it’s ethically sourced. Amanda + Moon Juice are truly a cosmic beacon for anyone seeking support and healing through the holistic lifestyle that we’ve seen change our lives and the lives of others!



But most importantly, this is a conversation that is just going to make you feel good. Amanda’s story, an epic journey, being in love… it just feels nice. We chat about...


  • The difficulty of always having to be “on” on social media

  • How Amanda met her husband + he became the love of her life

  • Shifting into your feminine energy

  • Why Amanda’s early years were emotionally trying + how she rebelled

  • Not going to college but still yearning to learn

  • What we’ve learned from psychedelic experiences

  • Naturally healing + feeling happy in your own body

  • Talking about sex with your kid

  • Cooking to relax

  • Amanda’s morning routine

  • A not-so-hot wellness tip: freeze-dried coffee!

  • Why there is no one-size-fits-all in wellness or self-care

  • Moon Juice is coming to Sephora!



Ep. 125 Hormone Expert Candace Burch Answers Your Questions on Hormone Imbalance, Low Libido, Waking Up Your Ovaries + More


Krista + Lindsey’s first episode with Candace Burch blew up #ALMOST30NATION, so we asked what you all wanted to know about hormone health, and today, Candace is back to answer all of your questions! Like how do you get off birth control naturally? How do you know which birth control is right for you? What does hormone imbalance look like?!



When it comes to our body, the answers aren’t always easy... but they are important! We discuss...


  • The Women’s Health Initiative’s first long-term study on synthetic hormones for women’s health

  • Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

  • Young women today having the same symptoms as women in menopause

  • What exactly ovulating is (and how to know when you’re not ovulating)

  • Why you may want to be on birth control

  • How you can wake your ovaries up

  • Researching new birth control options

  • Low libido in young women

  • The 11 different forms of estrogen in some milk

  • Endocrine disruptors (learn more from the Environmental Working Group at ERG.org)

  • How light affects you

  • Candace’s advice for coming off the pill

  • How adaptogens strengthen and nourish the adrenals

  • Candace’s thoughts on PCOS

  • Hormone health & digestion

  • The new challenges of the busy, modern world

  • Sexy Sugar Cleanse



Ep. 121 Dreams Do Come True: Kelly LeVeque + Simone De La Rue on Their Incredible New App Colab, Real Talk on the Exercise-Diet Connection + Why We Need to Challenge Body and Brain

screen_shot_2018-04-09_at_10.40.35_am_2_-_h_2018 (1).jpg

Is this real life?  Krista and Lindsey had the dreamiest chat with two of their WCW’s and boss babe inspirations: Kelly LeVeque and Simone De La Rue. These two gurus are dominating the nutrition and fitness world, and have honestly changed Krista and Lindsey’s lives.  They chat about collaborating on the new Body By Simone (BBS) app, which has a nutrition component that Kelly created (including exclusive recipes!). Body By Simone Studios already offer some of the best, safest, and most FUN workouts for women, but now anyone can get that same amazing workout anywhere and anytime using the app. It’s like having your trainer + nutritionist in your pocket!



If you don’t already know who these women are, Simone De La Rue is a former dancer turned Hollywood fitness expert and owner of the Body By Simone empire, which includes studios, a book, an online streaming service, and now the app.


Kelly is an Almost 30 OG, the queen of nutrition, the creator of Be Well By Kelly, and the author of Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever. This is hands down one of the best books about nutrition and sustainable nourishment and it has some DE-LIC-IOUS recipes.


The girls talk about…


  • How Simone got into fitness + dancing

  • Why Simone left the dancing world to create something of her own

  • Becoming a Fab Four Smoothie junkie

  • Why food and diets can’t be so black and white

  • The relationship between exercise and diet

  • Eating to fuel your body

  • How Body By Simone challenges the body and brain – while having fun!

  • Cardio VS strength

  • Challenging your muscles without overtraining

  • What you can explore in the Body By Simone app

  • How the app constantly updates your personal workout based on your feedback

  • LIVE classes in the app!

  • How Kelly created recipes for the app, including her first vegetarian + vegan recommendations!

  • What alcohol does to your body + other questions from the Almost 30 Secret Facebook Group

  • Being straight hustlers in business

  • Trusting your gut + instinct

  • A surprise appearance by Chloe!

  • Kelly and Simone’s self-care routines

  • An EXCITING announcement from Kelly LeVeque!!


Good news, LA fam! On July 25th, Almost 30, Kelly LeVeque, and Charity Lighten from Silver Fern are teaming up for an event! The Love Your Body - Love Your Gut event will be at the girls’ favorite venue in LA, the Saje Wellness on Abbot Kinney. Kelly is going to talk all about health and nutrition, Charity is going to give the low down on digestive and gut health, and then the Almost 30 girls will run a Q+A on all things gut health and nutrition! You can get more details and RSVP by clicking here.