Episode 7: Card Chip Readers Suck, Self Awareness Rules

The girls could be driving a Nissan Sentra (uh, one of them does) or a G-wagon, but if there is a sun roof, they feel like BALLERS no matter what. 

Ya feel that?  It's the little things...and a few profound things in this weeks "Hundred, NOT Hundred". 

It is always a treat, when they can share "Sh*t that Stuck".  Their revelations this week brought up that presence is your power and self awareness can be paralyzing at times, but such a gift if nurtured. 

A question from a listener stirs a discussion about separating from an ex's family after a break-up.  How do you do it?  Do you keep in touch?  Is it right? Is it dead wrong? 

Why do we want to keep in touch?  All of this and MUCH MORE in this weeks episode of "Almost 30" !

Music from this show: "Youth" (M3H Trap Remix)-- Foxes