Whether you're a guy or a girl, you've felt it.  THE PRESSURE. 

Some girls equate happiness with marriage and kids. 

At a certain age the thirst is REAL and pretty overwhelming for both parties involved.  

This week, Krista and Lindsey connect with a male listener, who wonders why that is and what makes other girls refuse to settle down. 

His insight is ON POINT, and together, the three get personal to get to the bottom of the issue. 

BUT FIRST, the girls share their weekly "Hundred, NOT Hundred's" and "20's Us, 30's Us". 

Have you ever asked for a beautiful tech-nerd baby angel from heaven...and gotten one?

Or, have you sent nudes to your boyfriend and not received a reply? 

Anyone cake their face with make-up in their 20's? Or do you wonder whether you and your partner will agree on what to feed your kids? 

There is a RANGE this week...WOW. 

ALMOST 30 IS HAVING RANGE, OKAY?!  Listen on, friends!

Music on this show: "Alaska"--Maggie Rogers