Put on your robe, whisk some matcha tea and get your notebook ready. 

Kelly LeVeque of Be Well By Kelly, Celeb Holistic Nutritionist, author, and over-all bad-ass entrepreneur, joins the girls this week for an in depth discussion about all things nutrition.  

Jessica Alba and Chelsea Handler swear by Kelly's approach and if you want to feel empowered when planning and eating your meals, this episode is for YOU. Her tips and insight are fad-free and easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle. Kelly's goal is to have you feeling confident in the way that you eat. Oh and she shares with us some of her favorite (and famous) Be Well Smoothie recipes. HELLO EASY BREAKFAST.

Kelly teaches us how to turn off the hunger hormones in our body with a fun, simple requirement for every meal that she likes to call "The Fab Four".  Wait, hold up, we have hunger hormones that can be TURNED OFF?!  Literally, the girls have been Fab Four-ing it since they recorded and have both felt the shift in their cravings and energy.  Krista and Lindsey are also curious about juicing.  What's the deal?  Why do people want to run over squirrels and tend to snap at their colleagues while juicing? 

Spoiler alert:  Kelly hates juice cleanses.  She tells you why.  

The girls dial it back and find out what lead Kelly to build her successful wellness brand.  How long was she moonlighting her business while working in cancer and genetics before she took the leap to focus on Be Well by Kelly full time?  Where did she find inspiration and support?  Why she is obsessed with education...and so much more.  To be honest, you may want to listen to this one a few times through to fully digest this yummy interview.  Bad joke, amazing episode.  LOVE YA. 

P.S. Kelly's new book "Body Love" is out this June!!    

In this episode we discussed:

Be Well by Kelly

The Fab 4
Be Well Smoothie