EPISODE 22: NEW YEAR POW-WOW: Reflecting, Goal Setting and Slowing the F*ck Down

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!  Almost 30 Nation is growing everyday and we are so grateful. 

The girls dream about grabbin' a brewski with each and every one of you to express our thanks. 

But they don't really drink beer and traveling to 34 countries would be uh #GOALS. 

If they could, they would.  But, YOU GUYS RULE.  For now, e-mail them!  They answer.

Anyway, did anyone else need like a week to collect their thoughts and wrap up whatever the hell happened in 2016? 


But now, NOW, they're ready to reflect, set their goals, and proceed mindfully into the new year.  2017. 

JEEZ, weren't we supposed to be sleeping in tubes by now?  

Krista and Lindsey are legit catching up on the pod this week.  They share just how awesome CHILLIN' on the eve really is.  One of us didn't make it to midnight.  GUESS WHO!  But seriously, chillin' over Dom Perignon showers at the club any day. #ALMOST30.

In this episode the girls go deep and discuss:

  • How to reflect..IT'S A PROCESS.

  • How to shift the focus from what didn't get done to what did and what will NOW

  • What the girls learned last year

  • What they want to incorporate more of this year

  • How to set goals and commit to them (GOD DAMNIT!)

You're going to turn challenges into positive shifts this year....If you answer yes to these questions, LISTEN NOW:  Do you have trouble asking for help?  Are you repeating a self-sabotaging story to yourself or people in your life?  Are you living at a million miles per hour without a clear idea as to why you are doing things?  Do you have ZERO boundaries with people in your life?  The girls are holding their hands up, too. 

The discussion is, as always, honest and raw.  Set your goals and intentions with Krista and Lindsey this week...it's NEVER TOO LATE.