EPISODE 18: BTS w/ a John Mayer Groupie, 20's Us/30's Us Holiday Edition, & Body Image Issues

We got STORIES this week! 

It's just the gal's (and Sound Guy Steve) this week. 

Still no sign of PRESIDENT Donald Trump.  He's playing the part of a 15 year old girl in the new Mean Girls sequel.  At the top of his priorities, the dude is bitching about an SNL skit.  Sorry, what?  They discuss. 

Krista recounts her stint as a John Mayer groupie.  Post show hang details. 

How high was that Hollister skirt, girl!?      

Their 20's Us/30's Us segment is inspired by the holiday season this week. 

Every dread going home for the holidays when you were in your 20's?  The girls get honest about how and why they would wish away time with family.  Krista shares how she made the shift from holiday expectation hangover to being present and loving family and loving current situations for who and what they are. 

Also SO 20's us?  Overspending on materialistic bullsh*t during the holidays.  Why the gold, sequin holiday dress, Lindsey?  PUT IT DOWN.  Lindsey also get's a little personal...sharing a mega high and super low that happened in the span of 3 hours, yet left her realizing what she wants to take into her 30's.    

Closing out this episode is a topic to which EVERYONE can relate. 

Body image. 

The girls discuss a simple, honest prompt from a listener: "How do you deal with body image issues?".  It's not easy...they discuss.  But, man, it's so nice to know you are not alone.