EPISODE 16: PART 2: A Major Fav on "The Bachelorette", BROOKS FORESTER, & his gal, Lauren Young, GET PERSONAL

In Part 2 of "Almost 30"'s interview with former bach on "The Bachelorette", BROOKS FORESTER, and his rad girlfriend LAUREN YOUNG, the couple gets personal.  Let's just say #couplegoals.  It isn't always easy, but these two are working hard to maintain an honest, loving, supportive relationship in a world that filters the crap out of what's really going on. 

This REALNESS is contagious.  You'll find out:   

*How they met

*Why their first goodbye was awkward AF

*How Social affects their relationship and the role it plays in building their careers

*How the heck Lauren deals with all of Brooks' female fans

*What it's like living together

*The question Brooks is asked ALL THE TIME

*The REAL REASON why Brooks left "The Bachelorette"