EPISODE 15: Bachelor BROOKS FORESTER on that Final Rose Life, his BABE Lauren Young, Mormonism, & Dry Humping (PART 1)

They could have talked for hours. 

The girls peed their pants when they finally nailed down their favorite couple, Brooks Forester and Lauren Young. 

They are pretty damn busy loving each other and being awesome human beings.  JUST WAIT until you hear their story....HINT: Lauren was a fan of Brooks on "The Bachelorette" AND they both grew up MORMON. 

Krista and Lindsey have a freakin' suitcase full of questions, so they bring you the interview in two parts! 

In PART 1 you can expect to find out:

*What it was like filming "The Bachelorette"

*Behind the scenes secrets

*If Nick Vail, the new "Bachelor", is cool or nah

*What it was like growing up Mormon

*What it was like leaving the Mormon church


*Their view on political policies in Utah

Stay tuned for Part 2!  WE'RE GIVIN' YOU ALL FINAL ROSES, OKAY?