Episode 12: Introducing the ladies of Le Sweat, Charlee Atkins and Meridith Miller

We'd like to interrupt this week's show notes with a quick disclaimer regarding the first 8 minutes of this episode:  

The sound is gently distorted by the sweet aliens that were helping to connect Le sweat in NYC to Almost 30 in LA. Feel free to skip over the part where Lindsey messaged some guy on Instagram because he had beautiful succulents. 

THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL, OKAY!?  Around, the 8 minute mark, all is right in the world.  

This week Almost 30 welcomes the ladies behind Le Sweat, a fresh online publication that shakes up the idea of 'working out'. 

Charlee Atkins, an uber popular SoulCycle Instructor and fitness model, and Meridith Miller, a lady boss of partnerships at Twitter, are exploring their own idea of "working on working out". 

The physical sweat is just the beginning. 

The ladies talk 'inner-cising', being alone (not lonely), social media, knowing thyself after the end of a long-term relationship, why everyone should take a friend-moon, their popular articles filed under "Stroke His Ego", and how Charlee and Meridith are already OWNING their 30's.  This one is candid and inspiring.