Episode 11: Tinder Ghosting, TRUMP and Twitter Trolls

The topic table is a BUFFET this week. 

Krista and Lindsey share their "Hundred, NOT Hundred's". 

Lindsey got a haircut, so tell ya friends. 

But on a note that is so typical/weird us: Who would have thought that finding out what your moon sign is would open up a whole new world of understanding? 

Like, "OH WOW I become two different people when someone calls me on my sh*t" becomes less psycho and more acceptable when you are able to lean on your astrological moon sign. 

The girls also celebrate and talk about the importance of cultivating a tribe of people that support and lift you up, that give you permission to be vulnerable and open, and that acknowledge your vision and give it light. 

Their NOT HUNDRED's are pretty darn relevant.

Let's just say they talk the circus that is the 2016 election, as well as the moment your "EX" finds a new gf/bf. *GASP*    


What is considered ghosting? 

Have we done it? 

Have we been ghosted? 

What is acceptable? 

How does one prevent the ghost? 

We get a call from a listener.  She just experienced a pretty gnarly case of ghostage.  Sound guy, Steve, was apparently just ghosted last week. 

We come together as a fam and figure out what the EFF is going on here.

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