ATTN: All bosses, dreamers, goal-chasers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, millennials and anyone who wants to get paid for doing what they love...

Have we got a treat for you.

Today's a special BONUS episode is with the amazing CEO and brains behind The Style Collective. An online community that helps lady entrepreneurs and influencers grow their following and reach long term goals.

Annie left her corporate job where she was bullied by her evil manager, and pursued a calling in influencer marketing. 

She created a full blown dream business by listening to the market, responding to it, thinking strategically, and being HERSELF. A loving, smart, creative business woman with a knack for self-made opportunities.

If you want to do your own thing, branch out, create a brand, become a blogger, star a business, this one is FOR YOU.


In this episode we discuss:

The challenges that changed her life

The end of her corporate career (which involved an emotionally abusive boss who bullied her constantly)

How to find your mission, while still working hard at your goals

The blog bubble, and helping women become entrepreneurs through their blog

How to be successful working from home

How you can make money from your blog

COMPARISON, what we do about it, who we compare ourselves to, and how it's the true thief of joy

What a jar of awesome is, and why you need it

Why less planning and more doing is sometimes the key