Ep. 176 Thriving Where Purpose, Passion + Skill Collide with Amy Jo Martin


Amy Jo Martin – New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder/CEO, Keynote Speaker, Angel Investor, Podcast Host and Innovation Advocate – joins us today on the podcast! Amy Jo has a passion for helping women THRIVE as leaders in business, and an obsession with human connection. In today’s episode, we talk about how Amy Jo found her voice online when the online space didn’t really exist the way it does today, being vulnerable on social media, and her addiction to the adrenaline behind the work she was in. We also talk about self-care and how the definition can vary between different extremes, and Amy Jo’s suggestions for building and reinventing a brand.

We also talk about…

  • Teaching Shaq to tweet

  • A definitive scare at her doctor’s office

  • Leaving the NBA

  • Following curiosity

  • Making a valuable post  

  • Humanizing + reinventing your brand

  • What Amy Jo has learned from her podcast + what’s to come



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Ep. 175 Finding The Medicine Within Yourself with Mama Medicine

Deborah Hanekemp.png

Today we have the lovely + powerful Deborah Hanekamp, otherwise known as Mama Medicine, on the podcast. Deborah has been called “fashion’s favorite healer” by Vogue Magazine, and is known in the healing world for her Medicine Readings that she offers in her NYC studio space. Deborah’s work has also been featured in the New York Times, and Marie Claire. In our conversation today, we hear the incredible story of how Deborah met her husband, plant-medicine healing her infertility, and shifting her life to a more organized one. Deborah also shares how she was able to integrate her spiritual + material worlds into one, and she explains just what a medicine reading is and how she offers them. Deborah truly embodies all that she teaches, and we love that she’s helping us all find ways to become our own healers.

We also talk about…

  • Traveling + growth in parenting

  • Deborah’s pregnancy

  • Healing her financial stories

  • Grounding down

  • How New York feels different from LA

  • Auras and what they mean

  • Being your own healer



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Ep. 174 Conscious Pivoting, Relationships, and Shining Your Light with Candice Kumai


Candice Kumai is BACK! For those of you that don’t know Candice, she is a professionally trained chef, best-selling author, wellness + food director, influencer, speaker, and leading wellness journalist. When we hang with Candice, we know it’s going to be real and raw, and a time for us to think more about our relationships with other women within the wellness space. In today’s episode we talk about helpful ways to overcome heartbreak, trusting that everything is happening for your highest self, and finding + maintaining your light.  

We also talk about…

  • Receiving harassment from men

  • Manifesting your thoughts  

  • Diversity in the city

  • Ways to motivate when feeling stuck

  • Working hard for what you want



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Ep. 173 Creating An Allyship + Feminism for All with Rachel Cargle

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 10.19.30.png

Today we are joined by Rachel Cargle; activist, writer, and lecturer. Her activist and academic works are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood. Rachel also created an organization called The Loveland Group, which houses multiple companies dedicated to lifelong culture, learning, and opportunity. Rachel was in town from NYC, so the girls hopped on the opportunity to spend time with Rachel in person.  She is leading the movement on some incredibly issues plaguing our society. In today’s episode, we talk about what it was like for Rachel growing up in a predominantly white community, socioeconomic differences between races, and using her platform to create accessible educational lectures. Rachel shares her view on the feminist movement, how the health and wellness space reacts to her, and the way that the welfare system works. We hope this conversation inspires you to have conversations within your community, friend groups, and families—conversations that might not be comfortable but conversations that could, ultimately, change history.

We also talk about…

  • Deciding to start teaching what she was learning

  • Her college experience

  • Where to start in order to make a difference

  • Social media posting being taken down

  • Rachel answers questions from Almost 30 Nation

  • Example of modern day colonization   

  • What Rachel is excited about



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Ep. 172 Tone It Up, Female Friendships + Tuning in to Your Dream with Karena Dawn + Katrina Scott


We know first hand that it is not every day that you can find a best friend and a business partner in the same human being!  Lindsey and Krista feel incredibly lucky to experience this type of relationship, but to sit down with another pair of female entrepreneurs who love each other just as much as they love the business, well you could not have dreamed up a better meeting. The girls from Tone It Up, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are on the podcast today.     Tone It Up is an incredible community of strong women who support and motivate you to lead your healthiest, happiest lives (and make your dreams come true). Karena and Katrina are personal trainers who met at the gym, grew their friendship, and set out to create an awesome sisterhood of strong, empowering women. In our conversation, we talk about moving to California, how the two met, and how Tone It Up was born. The two share what it was like to watch their community begin to take off, pitching themselves to Self Magazine and other companies, and what originally sparked their interest into the fitness world. This conversation is such an inspiring look into the beautiful fitness empire that Karena and Katrina have created, and offers insight on the differences that make their relationship work, the consistency it takes to build a fempire like this one, the highs and the lows, the faith and the fear along the way, and what’s to come for Tone It Up.

We also talk about…

  • Receiving doubt from outsiders

  • Being competitive

  • Their relationships with women

  • Doing a triathlon together

  • Going on tour

  • Changes + growth over the 10 years

  • The Tone It Up app

  • Their new book, Balanced and Beautiful


Coming Up:


Ep. 171 Our Responsibility to Do Better with Luvvie Ajayi


Today on the podcast we are joined by the Luvvie Ajayi, award-winning author, speaker and digital strategist who thrives at the intersection of comedy, technology and activism. Her book, I’m Judging You, is a hilarious book of essays, inspiring readers to BEHAVE BETTER, one sharp and funny side-eye at a time. In this episode, we talk about where her confidence in what she does comes from, and what her approach was when she started writing. Luvvie shares how she stays in check with herself, and how she began to use humor as a tool without even realizing it. We also talk about Luvvie’s New York Times Best Selling book, I’m Judging You–from what sparked the idea, to how she wrote 80,000 words in 5 months. We are so happy to have Luvvie on the podcast because she has used her voice to fight for those who do not have one, to incite change, and inject humor when necessary.

We also talk about…

  • Getting a D in chemistry, and changing her college career

  • Moving to Chicago + feeling like she needed to change herself

  • The apps that helped Luvvie write her book

  • Understanding the tagline in her book

  • The feminism olympics

  • Privilege

  • Social media and how Luvvie manages it


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Ep. 170 The Expressionist: Social Anxiety, Finding Joy, and Doing Good with Matthew Lillard

Image from iOS (3) copy.jpg

Today we are talking with Matthew Lillard, successful and talented actor, passionate giver, creator of Beadle & Grimm’s Pandemonium Warehouse (Oh, what!?  Oh, yes!), and one of our new favorite humans. Matthew is kind, hilarious, thoughtful, and insightful. We nearly fell over when Matthew arrived and admitted that he had no idea why he was here!   He was serious. “Why do you want to talk to me?”, he asked. “I’m over 30, I’m a DAD!”. He was confused, but ready to go, open and willing to dive into a conversation. We cover important topics like social anxiety, the dating world today, and body dysmorphia. Matthew also shares what truly brings him joy, and how he believes that being a creative is achievable for everyone, they just need to go out there regardless of the fear and chase their dreams. We also talk about what it’s like to raise young women in today’s society + what Matthew has learned from his daughters, and Matthew’s passion for the social cause , HIVE Be Good.

We also talk about…

  • Why we have a podcast + want Matthew to have one too

  • Matthew’s take on dating apps

  • How Matthew met his wife

  • His experiences at Comic Con events

  • How a love for Dungeons and Dragons sparked a company

  • Deciding he wanted to be an actor

  • Having a learning disability

  • Matthew’s ask for Almost 30 Nation


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Ep. 169 Risk Taking, Shroom Updates + The Real Story of Santa with Four Sigmatic Founder Tero Isokauppila


Today on the podcast our good friend, Tero Isokauppila, one of the founders of our favorite mushroom company, Four Sigmatic, joins us. Tero melts our hearts and our brains every time we hang., He recently came out with his second book, Santa Sold Shrooms. His company, Four Sigmatic, is a mushroom brand that has people all over the world obsessed with the everyday magic of mushrooms and what they do for vitality and health. We talk about what Tero has been up to recently, (he bought a ghost town!) and what having a company has taught him, especially in receiving customer feedback. We also talk about creating a good, comfortable culture in business + life, what the mushroom growing process is like, and we get a good laugh in about gifts that people send Tero. Tero also gives us the details on his new book, Santa Sold Shrooms, and what sparked the idea to write it.

We also talk about…

  • Tero’s Ted talk addiction

  • Four Sigmatic’s success + growth

  • Tero being recognized in public

  • The Four Sigmatic mushroom bus

  • Famous mushrooms

  • Holiday’s that have different meaning than we know

  • Staying balanced

  • Providing long term value + meaningful content


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