Ep. 165 Your Super: How A Cancer Diagnosis Inspired A Superfood Company with Michael Kuech and Kristel DeGroot


The founders of Your Super, Michael Kuech and Kristel DeGroot, join us today for their first ever podcast interview. Your Super is a superfood company focused on the health benefits of the superfood ingredients used. Their inspiring story began after Michael was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 24. Kristel wanted to create something to help Michael nourish his body while he was recovering from his treatments and into his remission. In our conversation, we talk about the highs and lows of running a company as a couple, bringing spirituality into the workplace, eating plant-based as an athlete, plus the different superfoods they use in their products and what they do for your body. We even get into how the two practice self care outside of the workplace, and how they handle the life/business balance. Michael also shares about his journey with cancer, from diagnosis to remission, and his hope to inspire other men to pay better attention to their health. The products Kristel and Michael have created are not only delicious, but they are made of quality ingredients that are properly sourced.

We also talk about...

  • How their business was born

  • The way they source ingredients

  • Prioritizing travel over work

  • What self care looks like as an entrepreneur

  • Why Michael left the corporate world

  • Their favorite superfood mixes

  • What’s next for Your Super


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Ep. 164 The Wild Woman: Practical Tantra + A Pleasure-Filled Life with Michaela Boehm


Today we get real and raw with Michaela Boehm, intimacy and sexuality expert, and internationally recognized teacher. Michaela is also the author of The Wild Woman’s Way, a tantric book on how to unlock your potential for a pleasure-filled life. We haven’t talked about relationships and sexuality in a while, so we’re excited to dive in with you. Michaela shares with us how she developed a comfort around the topics of love and intimacy (beyond being European). We talk about why opposites really do attract, and what kills sex in relationships and somes tips on how to fix it. Michaela also helps us understand how to separate who we are from the conditioning we received in our youth, as well as an exercise to help determine what kind of person we want to be with. We can never go too deep when talking about relationships and intimacy.  

We also talk about...

  • How changing her location has affected her nervous system + energy

  • The ways her parents shaped her view on relationships

  • Today’s dating scene

  • Why pleasure is important + how available it is  

  • How to engage your partner to be more interested in relationship topics

  • Michaela’s new book


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Ep. 163 - Evangelist For Good: The Importance of Voting, Midterm Elections, and The Pink Wave - with Jehmu Greene


Today we are joined by Jehmu Greene, a political and media strategist, television commentator, and social justice advocate. She is well known for her position with Fox News as a correspondent, for her interview in the New York Times article surrounding her own assault, and for her involvement in Rock the Vote. Jehmu’s mission is to disrupt the political atmosphere with her visionary and provocative insight, through both writing and speech. We dive deep into Jehmu’s roots of growing up with activism in her DNA, and how she learned from a young age that women mattered and have a voice. We also talk about how the political atmosphere and the #metoo movement, how Jehmu handles fear, and using her understanding of her privilege as a platform to help others. With the upcoming midterm elections quickly approaching, (November 6th) Jehmu also shares why she believes this is the most important election in our lifetime, especially for women.

We also talk about...

  • Receiving feedback from the public on her appearance  

  • Jehmu’s warrior mentality  

  • Her involvement in the #metoo movement

  • Why Jehmu loves the Millennial generation  

  • The upcoming midterm elections

  • Who Jehmu is excited about on the ballot

  • Where you can find helpful information about candidates


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Ep. 162 Human Design + Deconditioning To Find Yourself with Jenna Zoe

Screenshot 2018-10-31 at 17.06.03.png

Our girl, Jenna Zoe, joins us today to dig even deeper into Human Design. Jenna first introduced us to this work and has since become a dear friend and guide aswe are constantly learning more about ourselves and those close to us. In today’s episode, we have a little refresher in what Human Design is, as well as deconditioning yourself to move more towards the life you were meant to lead. Jenna also shares how you should use the Human Design and astrology tools in your life, connecting people’s design with their personal qualities and characteristics, and ways you can read your own chart. Plus, we both share a little more about our Human Design - Lindsey is a Manifesting Generator, Krista is a Projector - and how understanding it has helped us so much in connecting more as business partners and best friends. Jenna has a grounded approach to Human Design that allows us to process it and use it to uplevel ourselves, and in the world around us.

We also talk about...

  • How Jenna got into Human Design

  • The 5 types of Human Design

  • All of the offerings that Jenna now has

  • Aliens and technology

  • Questions from #ALMOST30NATION

  • What’s next for Jenna



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Ep. 161 Vulnerability + Female Empowerment in Comedy with Iliza Shlesinger


We have been big fans of Iliza Shlesinger for-ev-er.  Her ability to find humor to connect people around important topics, to stay relevant and inclusive, and to make audiences laugh show after show, is so inspiring.  Iliza has been a comedian for over a decade now, but since winning Season 6 of Last Comic Standing, she has truly been unstoppable and ever-evolving.  With four Netflix comedy specials, a co-star in her first movie out next year, her 5th special on the horizon, and material that is vulnerable, empowering, and hilarious, Iliza is making people laugh and think. . We talk about what it’s like to be recognized in public, positive and negative feedback from society, and what it’s like to be a powerhouse woman in comedy. With Iliza working on a new movie, we also take a minute to laugh over our fake Boston accents!  

It’s so refreshing to watch Iliza perform.  Whether she’s in character as a gazelle or herself, there is truth in both.  You can tell she has been herself since day one. Iliza is playful, unbelievably smart, and has worked hard on her way to the top.

We also talk about…

  • Letting comments and remarks go

  • The #metoo movement

  • Iliza’s evolution as a comic

  • Creating and preparing for her special, Elder Millennial

  • Why she decided to not share her relationship on social media

  • Plus, Iliza answers questions from #ALMOST30NATION



Ep. 160 Compatibility, Your Saturn Return + The Other Retrogrades with Aliza Kelly


We are taking a look into the cosmos today with astrologer, Aliza Kelly! At times, astrology can be confusing, but Aliza’s super down to Earth approach makes astrology so much easier to digest and understand. Aliza serves as the in-house astrologer and occult story columnist for Allure Magazine, as well as creating the moneyscopes for Cheddar.com. She shares with us how her uncle peaked her interest in the world of astrology, but how she didn’t fully immerse herself in the world until many years later, when she created a dating app rooted in astrological compatibility. In our conversation, we talk all about eclipses, retrogrades, and saturn returns - oh my! We also quickly discover the ties that the planetary alignment has with the political atmosphere, relationships, and how we can all use astrology as a window to take a look into the future. Listen up as Aliza gives a glimpse into each planet to helps us all understand our own sign, and why we have the characteristics that we do. The Mixology of Astrology, Aliza’s new book, just came out - be sure to grab a copy to better understand how astrology can be used in all aspects of your life, even down to the happy hour drink you sip on!

We also talk about...

  • Eclipses: how they differ + what they mean

  • What’s the big deal with retrogrades?

  • What each planet brings to the astrological table

  • Astrology and relationships

  • The different types of astrology

  • Aliza answers questions from #ALMOST30NATION



Ep. 159 The Abstinence Myth: Breaking The Stigma Around Addiction, Rebuilding Relationships, and Living An IGNTD Life with Dr. Adi Jaffe


This conversation with Adi was so refreshing, and totally necessary given today’s climate. He is very clear with his points, his intentions, and his message surrounding drugs and addiction. Adi Jaffe, PhD, is a research psychologist, addiction specialist, and founder of IGNTD - Igniting Lives Beyond Limits. A nationally recognized speaker and expert on mental health and stigma, he has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, CNN and more. His Tedx Talk on shame has been seen by nearly 500,000 people. Adi’s approach to addiction is so incredible, as he lifts the shame around it to make it more suitable for progression and healing, offering grace in a conversation that tends to have none.

Adi’s own story is beautiful, and we appreciate his openness and honesty in sharing it with us all. We take a deep dive into who Adi was before he met Sophie from selling ecstasy, to struggling with depression, to beginning to experiment with harder drugs, like meth. We hear the differences between the drugs he took, and how with each step he took, the harder it was to break free from the addiction. Adi also shares the reality of trying to rebuild a life after addiction and a criminal record, and the beginning stages of his relationship with Sophie. It is truly their differences that make the relationship strong, balanced, and beautiful. Adi tells us all about his brand new book, The Abstinence Myth, and what sparked this incredible take on the connection between abstinence and addiction.

We also talk about...

  • Adi’s motivation to get clean

  • What he learned in jail

  • The 4 factors of addiction  

  • Conversations around shame + how to have them

  • Reframing the idea of an addict

  • An IGNTD success story


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Ep. 158 Eat Feel Fresh: Tri-Doshic Eating + Lifestyle Ayurveda for Everyday with Sahara Rose


We are hanging with our soul sister, the funny + beautiful, Sahara Rose. Everyone in our Secret Facebook group can’t stop talking about our first ever episode with Sahara, over a year ago. With her new GORGEOUS cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh, being released, we knew we had to have her back on. Sahara created this cookbook as a way to bring the beauty of Ayurveda to modern times in easy, accessible recipes that are sure to help you live more aligned with your doshas.

In the episode, you’ll get a run down of the 3 doshas (for a deeper look, listen to our first episode with Sahara), how she brought India to life in the pages of her new cookbook, and why it was important to her to work with local photographers for this project. We all had a good laugh over how Vata Lindsey is, and how Pitta Krista is - but Krista with those beautiful Kapha cheeks and Lindsey spending time on the toilet like a true Pitta, we dive into possible combos! PLUS the why behind the recipes Sahara chose to put in her cookbook. We also dish on dosha’s! Sahara shares why she knew she wanted to be with a Pitta guy, and how her dating experience with a Kapha helped her come to that realization. The two of us just couldn’t love this girl any more.

We also discuss...

  • Looking back at Sahara’s transition from her first book to her second  

  • What tri-doshic cooking is

  • The 6 tastes in Ayurveda  

  • Sahara’s favorite recipes in her cookbook

  • Tips on creating powerful passive income