Ep. 121 Dreams Do Come True: Kelly LeVeque + Simone De La Rue on Their Incredible New App Colab, Real Talk on the Exercise-Diet Connection + Why We Need to Challenge Body and Brain

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Is this real life?  Krista and Lindsey had the dreamiest chat with two of their WCW’s and boss babe inspirations: Kelly LeVeque and Simone De La Rue. These two gurus are dominating the nutrition and fitness world, and have honestly changed Krista and Lindsey’s lives.  They chat about collaborating on the new Body By Simone (BBS) app, which has a nutrition component that Kelly created (including exclusive recipes!). Body By Simone Studios already offer some of the best, safest, and most FUN workouts for women, but now anyone can get that same amazing workout anywhere and anytime using the app. It’s like having your trainer + nutritionist in your pocket!



If you don’t already know who these women are, Simone De La Rue is a former dancer turned Hollywood fitness expert and owner of the Body By Simone empire, which includes studios, a book, an online streaming service, and now the app.


Kelly is an Almost 30 OG, the queen of nutrition, the creator of Be Well By Kelly, and the author of Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama Forever. This is hands down one of the best books about nutrition and sustainable nourishment and it has some DE-LIC-IOUS recipes.


The girls talk about…


  • How Simone got into fitness + dancing

  • Why Simone left the dancing world to create something of her own

  • Becoming a Fab Four Smoothie junkie

  • Why food and diets can’t be so black and white

  • The relationship between exercise and diet

  • Eating to fuel your body

  • How Body By Simone challenges the body and brain – while having fun!

  • Cardio VS strength

  • Challenging your muscles without overtraining

  • What you can explore in the Body By Simone app

  • How the app constantly updates your personal workout based on your feedback

  • LIVE classes in the app!

  • How Kelly created recipes for the app, including her first vegetarian + vegan recommendations!

  • What alcohol does to your body + other questions from the Almost 30 Secret Facebook Group

  • Being straight hustlers in business

  • Trusting your gut + instinct

  • A surprise appearance by Chloe!

  • Kelly and Simone’s self-care routines

  • An EXCITING announcement from Kelly LeVeque!!


Good news, LA fam! On July 25th, Almost 30, Kelly LeVeque, and Charity Lighten from Silver Fern are teaming up for an event! The Love Your Body - Love Your Gut event will be at the girls’ favorite venue in LA, the Saje Wellness on Abbot Kinney. Kelly is going to talk all about health and nutrition, Charity is going to give the low down on digestive and gut health, and then the Almost 30 girls will run a Q+A on all things gut health and nutrition! You can get more details and RSVP by clicking here.



Ep. 120 Debunking Fitness Industry Myths + Your Body as the True Coach with Sal Di Stefano and Adam Shafer of MindPump


Sal Di Stefano and Adam Shafer of Mind Pump Media and the MindPump Podcast join Krista and Lindsey for a fluid conversation about fitness, business, nutrition, social media, porn, cryptocurrency, biohacking, and performance optimization! With over 40 years of combined fitness experience and a commitment to keeping up on the trends and myths in this industry, these guys are overflowing with the know-how that will help anyone optimize their performance, fuel their bodies properly, and live their best life. Their no-B.S. approach is refreshing in a space where we are constantly being sold the next best program or the most effective workout supplement. There is a funny thing that happens when fellow podcasters hang. THERE ARE NO RULES. These guys are hilarious, passionate, and equally inquisitive. They flip the script and ask the girls some questions, too – which you can check out by becoming a Patron on our Patreon page (www.patreon.com/almost30). This is a notebook episode, so get your pens out! Lots to learn and debunk! We’ll dig into...



  • 99% of fitness information out there being just terrible

  • What’s good for you isn’t sexy

  • The problems with the popular gym model

  • Why the Western medical model isn’t effective at treating chronic problems

  • Stroking the ego

  • The difference between themselves now and in their 20s when it comes to sex, business, & everything else

  • Keeping your ego in check

  • Being open on the mic

  • Connecting with your audience

  • Dealing with feedback + haters

  • The HUGE problems in the bodybuilding industry

  • The message that’s not being taught + told in the fitness or wellness industries

  • The ins + outs of supplements

  • How the mind pump guys are approaching exercise these days

  • Optimizing VS adapting

  • Cryptocurrencies + disruption

  • The future of MindPump

  • Investing time in people

  • Podcasters supporting podcasters

  • Creating systems in your business

  • How adapting to extreme situations allows us to transform

  • Comparing porn to highly processed foods

  • Making health cool


Are you ready to see Almost 30 LIVE?! We can’t wait to see all of you, but you better hurry because the tickets are going fast! You can find all the deets and get your tickets at almost30podcast.com/tour.



Ep. 119 How to Break Through Superficial Friendships, Release Your Fears + Create Real Connections with Author of "A Tribe Called Bliss", Lori Harder


Krista recently attended the launch party for Lori Harder’s new book,A Tribe Called Bliss, and was blown away by Lori's presence. This boss babe is so charismatic, so tapped in, and so real. We fell in love with her approach to creating a tribe and friendships.A Tribe Called Blissis years in the making, and the way she shares her story actually makes women supporting women feel more tangible. It should be on every woman’s bedside table.



If you don’t already know, Lori is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness, and self-love. She has grown multiple multi-million dollar businesses as a lifestyle entrepreneur, founding The Bliss Project, the Bliss Habit online course for mental transformation, and the Body and Soul Program. She has a lot of hats, and she’s rocking all of them!



Lori is giving away 20 copies of A Tribe Called Bliss to the Almost 30 audience!! If you want a chance to win a free copy of the book, and a FREE one-hour workshop on building your tribe, use the code ALMOST30 at loriharder.com/freebook!



Are you ready to see Almost 30 LIVE?! We can’t wait to see all of you, and everyone who attends one of the live shows on our tour is going to receive a copy of A Tribe Called Bliss!! You can find all the deets and get your tickets at almost30podcast.com/tour.



We talk about…



  • How women can support women

  • Being your own marketer

  • Sacred agreements + boundaries

  • Becoming a self-help junkie

  • The vulnerability in authenticity

  • Literally + figuratively jumping into the pool

  • Going on friend dates

  • What it looks like to truly support other women

  • The Why of your tribe

  • Recommitting + belonging to yourself

  • Radical responsibility

  • How a mastermind changed Lori’s life

  • Tribe Talks





Ep. 118 Sex: A Powerful Healing Modality + Self Actualization Experience with Kim Anami


Kim Anami is one of the freest spirits we’ve ever talked to, her energy is so pure and electrifying. Kim is a Holistic Health + Relationship Coach and a Vaginal Weightlifter (you have to hear about Vaginal Kung Fu) who infuses passion into the lives + beds of thousands of people worldwide. She’s enlightened, empowered, and an inspiring force for anyone exploring their sexual being.



Kim is leading the charge to boldly + openly talk about sex, and how we can use it as a tool to learn more about ourselves.


We chat about…


  • Sex as a pathway to enlightenment

  • Our first times

  • Taboos + conditioning

  • Cervical orgasms

  • Junk food sex VS gourmet sex

  • Experiencing your first orgasm (if you’ve never experienced one before)

  • When to have sex + one-night stands

  • Open communication, transparency, and radical honesty

  • Kim’s simple tips for great sex

  • Rehabilitating numb vaginas

  • How men + women can train themselves for better sex

  • Vaginal Kung FuTM

  • The ass is the storehouse of our shit

  • Threesomes

  • Sex while inebriated or on recreational drugs



Ep. 117 Redefining What It Means To Be Well: Candice Kumai on Acceptance, Letting Go + The Art of Kintsugi


Candice Kumai is the “Golden Girl of Wellness,” a professionally trained chef, best-selling author, wellness + food director, influencer, speaker, and leading wellness journalist. She was constantly struggling against other people's fears and insecurities while trying to work in food TV, so she went out on her own to connect with her soul’s purpose. As always, this conversation organically flowed every which way—so grateful for Candice’s candidness.  



Candice’s new book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit, is a beautiful homage to her heritage and an enlightening perspective on holistic wellness. It’s different from most other wellness books and philosophies out there, and we dive into why.  She writes it in a way that is easily understood and applied.


Candice is also giving 3 copies of Kintsugi Wellness away to #ALMOST30NATION!! Learn more on our Instagram: @almost30podcast.


We get into...


  • Social media, trolls, and haters

  • Dealing with other people’s fears + insecurities when you work in mainstream media

  • Being a multifaceted hustler

  • Candice’s family + upbringing

  • Why Candice transitioned out of modeling

  • Getting cast in the first season of Top Chef

  • Leaving mainstream media to start writing + do something bigger

  • Love + relationships

  • Integrating her culture + heritage into a book that anyone can apply + understand

  • Standing up every time you fall down + constantly striving to improve

  • Welcoming the new while cherishing the old

  • Finding purpose

  • The importance of being kind (without letting people take advantage of you)

  • Taking time for yourself



Ep. 116 We’re All Going to Die: Celebrating Life Through the Lens of Death with Stefan Hunt


On the first night of Yeah Field Trip, a festival for the creative and the curious, an awesome speaker brought down the house: Stefan Hunt!!



Stefan talked about fear, taking ownership of fear, the relationship between fear + death, and changing our relationship with death – and we just had to share all of that awesomeness with #ALMOST30NATION. Through We’re All Going to Die - The Festival and some incredible art, Stefan is inspiring others to live more radically, pursue their dreams, and just be more alive.



We chat about...



  • Krista + Lindsey’s session on podcasting at Yeah Field Trip

  • Stefan’s honesty + authenticity in his opening speech

  • The inspiration for We’re All Going to Die - The Festival

  • Shifting your perspective around death

  • The integral role of art at WAGTD

  • Creating a deeper connection with the people around us

  • Choosing between a ‘what if’ and a ‘why not’

  • Why we fear death + avoid talking about it

  • Bringing the WAGTD Festival to the United States

  • Stefan’s work as a director

  • Volunteering with various global charities





Ep. 115 Follow Your Gut: Turning $600 into a Multi-Million Dollar Brand - with Daina Trout, CEO & Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha


We like highlighting the stories behind the brands we love. That’s why we reached out to Daina Trout, the coolest Co-Founder in the land + the CEO of Health-Ade. She has an incredibly interesting, grass roots story – and she’s raw + honest about the struggle that all entrepreneurs experience along that journey.



Daina started Health-Ade Kombucha in 2012, alongside her husband and best friend. She was working in corporate America when she decided to pursue her passion for “real” food and develop the best-tasting, highest quality kombucha on the market. Under her fearless leadership, Health-Ade has grown from a small production, artisanal item made in a tiny apartment and sold at local farmers markets into the fastest growing brand in the category, now available in more than 12,000 stores and restaurants nationwide.


We talk about...


  • Create & Cultivate

  • Daina’s story

  • Why kombucha?

  • The struggle of starting a business

  • Keeping up with demand

  • Forcing yourself into the unknown

  • Tapping in to intuition

  • The ups + downs of starting a business with your husband + best friend

  • Why people invest in you

  • Women need to acquire more capital

  • Taking a 60% pay cut (and why it was a bad idea)

  • The kombucha scandal

  • What it means to make fermented food

  • Hitting goals

  • New flavors on the horizon



Ep. 114 Jill Willard on Becoming an Intuitive Being, Intuitive Meditation + Living in the Now

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Jill Willard is an intuitive medium + meditation leader who helps people tune into their intuition and live in the now, gifts that allow anyone to feel more balanced and present. Jill blew us away with the wisdom in her book, Intuitive Being, and now she’s offering tools and tips on meditation and being here in presence through IM, a heart-based and intuitively-focused meditative company.



Sitting down with Jill was an incredible experience for the us.  Whenever you’re around a healer, an intuitive being, or someone else on a really high-vibrational level, your energy is affected – and spending time with Jill is like 10x’ing your energy!! It was honestly like the we were wrapped up in angel food energy: stuck, sticky, sweet, comfortable, and covered in clouds.


And afterwards, it’s hard to describe how we felt... except to say that weare changed!


We chat about…


  • Connecting with your intuition

  • Growing up as a psychic + Hearing voices as a child

  • Getting clear on the relationship you want with yourself, as an intuitive

  • Connecting with angels and spirit guides

  • Our culture’s misunderstanding of sexuality

  • The afterlife

  • Manifesting a broken ankle

  • Motherhood + rebirthing

  • The power of our relationships with parents and family

  • Healing yourself

  • Our chakras

  • Jill’s thoughts on dreams + the different types of dreams (make sense of your dreams at dreammoods.com)

  • Why self-care needs to be simple

  • Why Jill created IM

  • Transitioning to 30

  • Listening to + trusting your body