Ep. 120 Debunking Fitness Industry Myths + Your Body as the True Coach with Sal Di Stefano and Adam Shafer of MindPump


Sal Di Stefano and Adam Shafer of Mind Pump Media and the MindPump Podcast join Krista and Lindsey for a fluid conversation about fitness, business, nutrition, social media, porn, cryptocurrency, biohacking, and performance optimization! With over 40 years of combined fitness experience and a commitment to keeping up on the trends and myths in this industry, these guys are overflowing with the know-how that will help anyone optimize their performance, fuel their bodies properly, and live their best life. Their no-B.S. approach is refreshing in a space where we are constantly being sold the next best program or the most effective workout supplement. There is a funny thing that happens when fellow podcasters hang. THERE ARE NO RULES. These guys are hilarious, passionate, and equally inquisitive. They flip the script and ask the girls some questions, too – which you can check out by becoming a Patron on our Patreon page (www.patreon.com/almost30). This is a notebook episode, so get your pens out! Lots to learn and debunk! We’ll dig into...



  • 99% of fitness information out there being just terrible

  • What’s good for you isn’t sexy

  • The problems with the popular gym model

  • Why the Western medical model isn’t effective at treating chronic problems

  • Stroking the ego

  • The difference between themselves now and in their 20s when it comes to sex, business, & everything else

  • Keeping your ego in check

  • Being open on the mic

  • Connecting with your audience

  • Dealing with feedback + haters

  • The HUGE problems in the bodybuilding industry

  • The message that’s not being taught + told in the fitness or wellness industries

  • The ins + outs of supplements

  • How the mind pump guys are approaching exercise these days

  • Optimizing VS adapting

  • Cryptocurrencies + disruption

  • The future of MindPump

  • Investing time in people

  • Podcasters supporting podcasters

  • Creating systems in your business

  • How adapting to extreme situations allows us to transform

  • Comparing porn to highly processed foods

  • Making health cool


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Ep. 117 Redefining What It Means To Be Well: Candice Kumai on Acceptance, Letting Go + The Art of Kintsugi


Candice Kumai is the “Golden Girl of Wellness,” a professionally trained chef, best-selling author, wellness + food director, influencer, speaker, and leading wellness journalist. She was constantly struggling against other people's fears and insecurities while trying to work in food TV, so she went out on her own to connect with her soul’s purpose. As always, this conversation organically flowed every which way—so grateful for Candice’s candidness.  



Candice’s new book, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit, is a beautiful homage to her heritage and an enlightening perspective on holistic wellness. It’s different from most other wellness books and philosophies out there, and we dive into why.  She writes it in a way that is easily understood and applied.


Candice is also giving 3 copies of Kintsugi Wellness away to #ALMOST30NATION!! Learn more on our Instagram: @almost30podcast.


We get into...


  • Social media, trolls, and haters

  • Dealing with other people’s fears + insecurities when you work in mainstream media

  • Being a multifaceted hustler

  • Candice’s family + upbringing

  • Why Candice transitioned out of modeling

  • Getting cast in the first season of Top Chef

  • Leaving mainstream media to start writing + do something bigger

  • Love + relationships

  • Integrating her culture + heritage into a book that anyone can apply + understand

  • Standing up every time you fall down + constantly striving to improve

  • Welcoming the new while cherishing the old

  • Finding purpose

  • The importance of being kind (without letting people take advantage of you)

  • Taking time for yourself



Ep 113 Fertility, IVF, The Impact of Birth Control + The Future of Genetics with Dr. Robert Anderson


As we approach (and pass) 30, a lot of us are thinking about our plans for conceiving – and, unfortunately, many of us are or will experience fertility issues! Most women assume that they’re fertile and can have a baby tomorrow, if they want to, but until you try to get pregnant or see a fertility expert, you just don't know.



We want our listeners to be fully informed, PERIOD. So we dive into a topic that we believe is not being talked about enough—Fertility! The truths, the myths, and the incredible new options available due to advances in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedures – and that’s why we sat down with our dear friend, Dr. Robert Anderson, a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist & Founder of the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine.


Dr. Anderson is an innovator in the field, running one of the top fertility clinics in the world, and he takes us deep into the process, including the physical, emotional, and financial commitments involved.


We discuss…


  • Our first attempt at recording this interview (over two years ago…)

  • Founding SoCal Center for Reproductive Medicine 25 years ago

  • People traveling from all over the world for fertility treatment with Dr, Anderson

  • How much IVF has improved

  • What a healthy embryo is

  • Why you may want to freeze your eggs

  • Egg donors + surrogates

  • What both parts of the IVF procedure is like

  • The multiple pregnancy problem of yesterday

  • Choosing gender

  • The new procedure that Dr. Anderson invented

  • Why you should consider getting your eggs tested

  • Dr. Anderson’s kind + direct bedside manner

  • How the industry markets IVF unrealistically + setting realistic expectations

  • The emotional + financial aspects of IVF

  • Restoring your hormonal environment

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • Holistic treatments that Dr. Anderson offers

  • Genetic testing + treatment for diseases

  • The promising future of CRISPR

  • Testing + improving male fertility

  • Accessibility for LGBTQ communities




Ep. 111 Rethinking Clean, Going Beyond Your Diet with Annie Jackson and Allison Evans - The Women Behind Today’s Top Clean Beauty and Household Brands


In today’s episode, we talk to TWO amazing ladies in the clean home + beauty products space. Allison Evans, of Branch Basics, talks to us all about her journey leading up to partnering up with her aunt (Marilee) and best friend (Kelly) to form Branch Basics, which sells a multi-purpose Concentrate to make cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable. All their products are refillable and can be used for ANY cleaning job. The Concentrate is significantly less expensive than similar single-use products. Annie Jackson, acting COO of Credo Beauty, shares her wide-ranging knowledge about the beauty industry (both conventional and natural). Between Credo’s brands, the leadership, and their consumers, there is a common thread: transparency. Credo promises INTEGRITY. They will never carry products with known harmful ingredients and they only stock brands that never test on animals. Both Allison and Annie share SO much amazing information on why you should buy CLEAN and vote with your dollar.



We discuss…



  • All the ways in which the Almost 30 podcast has grown and progressed since its inception about a year and a half ago.

  • "The details relating to Allison Evans’ (Branch Basics) testimony that safe, clean household products along with ridding her home of toxins and eating a real-food diet have healed her various serious health issues."

  • How much perseverance + trial and error went into coming up with the PERFECT all purpose cleaner.

  • That many conventional household cleaners actually utilize harmful (+ unlisted) ingredients (i.e. pesticides).

  • The importance of educating the masses on why they ought to purchase safer cleaning products. The keys to a healthier life are AWARENESS + BRAND TRANSPARENCY.

  • Annie Jackson’s employment history in the beauty industry, beginning with Estée Lauder + Sephora!

  • Annie’s transition out of conventional beauty and into cleaner beauty options.

  • The challenge of getting consumers to ditch their beloved skincare products for the ones you’re selling (even if yours ARE cleaner, safer, + better).

  • Misconceptions about natural, safe beauty products.

  • How Credo Beauty hires estheticians and make up artists to work in house and assist clients personally.

  • Moving away from the feeling of GUILT for the past use of “unhealthy” beauty products, and just making the best possible choices going forward.






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Ep. 108 “Genius Foods” + How Eating for Optimal Brain Health Will Make You Happier and More Productive with Max Lugavere


Max Lugavere is a TV personality, health and science journalist, filmmaker, musician, and author of the recently published book, Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life (2018). Max’s expertise is wide-ranging, but he is particularly passionate about preventing neurodegenerative diseases by honing in on the effects of diet and lifestyle on brain health. In today’s episode we get REAL science-y, but also dive deep into the personal motivations behind Max’s professional journey. We can’t wait for you to check it out!



We talk about...


  • Max’s workout routine + splitting his time between NYC and West Hollywood!

  • The research + science behind why exercise is SO good for you.

  • Max’s thoughts on veganism + plant-based eating.

  • How Max transitioned from a TV career to one specializing in studying the intersection of nutrition + disease prevention.

  • How Max has navigated his mother’s challenging neurodegenerative disease diagnosis.

  • Disease prevention as a MILLENNIAL issue!

  • How people today are being POISONED by our food supply.

  • The fallacies in the USDA MyPlate grain suggestion (successor to the Food Pyramid).

  • How eating a brain-healthy diet impacted Max’s personal cognitive function.

  • Research on the correlation between diet + depression and anxiety (“Food & Mood” connection).

  • Why “everything in moderation” may be bad advice!

  • How under-sleeping exacerbates emotional turmoil and pain.

  • All the details on Max’s newly released book, Genius Foods, + a list of some of his favorite superfoods for brain health (hint: CHOCOLATE!).


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Ep. 105 (Pt 2) Yes We Cannabis: The History + The Future in Treatment with Perry Solomon of Cannabis Community, HelloMD


Today’s guest, Dr. Perry Solomon, is the Chief Medical Officer at HelloMD, the leading digital platform for the cannabis industry. HelloMD’s tagline is, “Nourish your mind, body and soul by learning and sharing in the largest medical cannabis community.” Joining the HelloMD community gives you access to medical professionals, cannabis experts, educational materials, and cannabis products by HelloMD partners. Say no more! You’re listening to Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Perry Solomon, where we continued our conversation of the medicinal efficacy of cannabis and CBD products.



We discuss…


  • Cannabis as a remedy for pain and a “health and wellness” supplement

  • How CBD can help reduce stress, anxiety, migraines, pain, menstrual cramps, sport related injuries, and insomnia

  • Why people were tricked into believing that cannabis is harmful to their health

  • Harry Anslinger: the godfather of cannabis prohibition

  • The roots of the opioid and heroin addiction crisis in the United States

  • How CBD oil- void of THC- is used in suppository form as a remedy for menstrual cramps

  • How run of the mill, generic CBD companies use hemp to produce CBD oils from areas that heavily rely on pesticide usage

  • Legalized “adult use” of marijuana in the state of California

  • Cannabis use terminology: “adult use” vs “recreational use”

  • The high tax on cannabis in California driving customers to the black market

  • Dr. Solomon’s thoughts on  “fake news” regarding cannabis and how to get the real deal info at HelloMD.


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Ep. 104 (Pt 1) Cannabis 101 + Why It’s Important We Lift The Stigma with Perry Solomon of HelloMD


Today’s guest, Dr. Perry Solomon, is the Chief Medical Officer at HelloMD, the leading digital platform for the cannabis industry. HelloMD’s tagline is, “Nourish your mind, body and soul by learning and sharing in the largest medical cannabis community.” Joining the HelloMD community gives you access to medical professionals, cannabis experts, educational materials, and cannabis products by HelloMD partners. Say no more! In Part 1 of our episode with Dr. Solomon, we dig in deep to explore the many uses for cannabis. We’ll continue this in Part 2, to be released later this week.



We discussed...


  • Dr. Solomon’s early career as a board certified anaesthesiologist (20+ years), followed by his consulting work with medical device companies and medical startups

  • The details surrounding Dr. Solomon’s career pivot in March 2015 when he joined HelloMD as the Chief Medical Officer

  • Doctors, generally, being unfamiliar with cannabis and the science behind it due to the stigmatization of the drug

  • How cannabis is a trial and error compound which everyone reacts differently to and, thus, ought to identify a personalized ideal ratio

  • That in most industrialized countries, cannabis is still illegal

  • Why people were tricked into believing that cannabis is harmful to their health

  • How there is only 1 medical school out of 144 that teaches a course in the endocannabinoid system

  • The overprescription and proper prescription of opioids, and where cannabis fits into the picture

  • Cannabis as a remedy for pain and as a “health and wellness” supplement

  • The distinction between CBD vs marijuana


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Ep. 102 Menstrual Discs, Period Woes, Sexuality, and Female Entrepreneurship with Lauren Schulte, CEO + Founder of The FLEX Company

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 7.47.51 AM.png

It was such a joy + a pleasure to interview Lauren Schulte, the CEO + Founder of The FLEX Company. We totally went there in today’s episode! From how to insert the disc, to experiencing painful vaginal infections, and even chatting about the way partners (without vaginas) say they feel about supporting women through PMS symptoms - we covered it all!



Lauren shares with us how she suffered in silence with intense period pain and subsequent infections. When Lauren’s doctor informed her that tampon usage could be culpable for her chronic issues, she quit using them immediately and tried more than 30 alternative feminine hygiene products from all over the world (including the menstrual cup).


Already a successful businesswoman herself, Lauren ditched her career in Silicon Valley to meet a HUGE need in the female healthcare market. Lauren decided it was time to invest appropriate resources into creating a solution to the period woes women all around the world could identify with. A perfect storm of personal experience and business + marketing smarts, Lauren’s initiative has changed the menstruation game with the best alternative to using tampons!


We discuss…

  • FLEX - A new period product called a “menstrual disc.” Tampons and menstrual cups, by design, “plug up” the vagina (causing cramping + bloating), while menstrual discs are meant to sit higher up, much like a diaphragm

  • How FLEX can be left in for 12 hours AND you can have sex while it’s inserted - no infections or cramps!

  • The way tampons absorb all bacteria, including the GOOD bacteria, and can often lead to an imbalance (+ subsequent vaginal infections)

  • Lauren’s transition from a career in Silicon Valley to becoming the Founder + CEO of a start-up (which included taking big risks + pitching to many male investors)

  • Navigating the imposter syndrome as a female/Founder + CEO

  • Addressing challenging relationship dynamics in the workplace through open and honest conversations (Lindsey + Krista also chime in on their experiences working together on Almost 30 Podcast)

  • How to give feedback well (Hint -  ALWAYS lead with inquiry)

  • Men who feel afraid and embarrassed about not knowing how to help their girlfriends through intrusive PMS symptoms

  • Being a leader - a people and performance manager - as the Founder + CEO and, thereafter, shaping the workplace culture

  • Lauren’s TEDx talk (in the works) - She plans to present the sociological understanding that there is no such thing as “gay” or “straight,” but rather sexuality is a spectrum ( + her own experience falling in love with a woman)

  • Men embracing their feminine energy in heterosexual relationships (not necessarily being effeminate)



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