Ep 113 Fertility, IVF, The Impact of Birth Control + The Future of Genetics with Dr. Robert Anderson


As we approach (and pass) 30, a lot of us are thinking about our plans for conceiving – and, unfortunately, many of us are or will experience fertility issues! Most women assume that they’re fertile and can have a baby tomorrow, if they want to, but until you try to get pregnant or see a fertility expert, you just don't know.



We want our listeners to be fully informed, PERIOD. So we dive into a topic that we believe is not being talked about enough—Fertility! The truths, the myths, and the incredible new options available due to advances in In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedures – and that’s why we sat down with our dear friend, Dr. Robert Anderson, a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist & Founder of the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine.


Dr. Anderson is an innovator in the field, running one of the top fertility clinics in the world, and he takes us deep into the process, including the physical, emotional, and financial commitments involved.


We discuss…


  • Our first attempt at recording this interview (over two years ago…)

  • Founding SoCal Center for Reproductive Medicine 25 years ago

  • People traveling from all over the world for fertility treatment with Dr, Anderson

  • How much IVF has improved

  • What a healthy embryo is

  • Why you may want to freeze your eggs

  • Egg donors + surrogates

  • What both parts of the IVF procedure is like

  • The multiple pregnancy problem of yesterday

  • Choosing gender

  • The new procedure that Dr. Anderson invented

  • Why you should consider getting your eggs tested

  • Dr. Anderson’s kind + direct bedside manner

  • How the industry markets IVF unrealistically + setting realistic expectations

  • The emotional + financial aspects of IVF

  • Restoring your hormonal environment

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

  • Holistic treatments that Dr. Anderson offers

  • Genetic testing + treatment for diseases

  • The promising future of CRISPR

  • Testing + improving male fertility

  • Accessibility for LGBTQ communities




Ep 112 Manisha Thakor on Empowering Women to Build Financial Strength, Get Out of Debt + Marry Power with Purpose


On today’s episode, Krista and Lindsey are SO excited to introduce Manisha Thakor- the founder and CEO of MoneyZen Wealth Management and a "Wall Street Journal" expert panelist. She has an MBA from Harvard and possesses a wealth of experience in all things finance.  She is regularly in the "New York Times" + "More Magazine" and on CNN + "The Today Show.” The conversation is empowering and eye-opening.  The girls also open up about where they are personally struggling in their relationship with money. After all, they can’t be alone!



They discuss...


  • How this generation is the first to be dealing with unprecedented levels of student debt, and that this financial stress takes up MAJOR mental space and serves as a real distraction.

  • Women and their changing relationship with finances- becoming primary breadwinners and stepping into our POWER.

  • Women wanting to use their money to make a stand. For women, it’s not about how much we make, but about how we can make an impact with our finances while still being smart and receiving financial return.

  • Tips for getting people on the front end of the funnel before even getting into student loan debt! Moreover, ways to climb out of debt once you’re already in the thick of it.

  • Pursuing certain career paths where you can get loan forgiveness after you have gone through a certain number of years of teaching school in certain kinds of neighborhoods or doing more community oriented work.

  • Manisha’s definition of what it means to possess financial strength.

  • Approachable and salient definitions + metaphors for understanding financial terms that may intimidate those of us not in the know. Alternatively, “Male Speak” in finance.

  • Shutting down your femininity or silencing yourself in “business” or “finance” settings to blend in and be more accepted- and the ways in which “me too” is changing this coping mechanism/default behavior!

  • Manisha’s recommendation to read The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey.

  • How the third person in a committed romantic partnership is MONEY. So getting right with that part of your life will help your relationships become infinitely more cohesive!



Ep. 111 Rethinking Clean, Going Beyond Your Diet with Annie Jackson and Allison Evans - The Women Behind Today’s Top Clean Beauty and Household Brands


In today’s episode, we talk to TWO amazing ladies in the clean home + beauty products space. Allison Evans, of Branch Basics, talks to us all about her journey leading up to partnering up with her aunt (Marilee) and best friend (Kelly) to form Branch Basics, which sells a multi-purpose Concentrate to make cleaning simple, affordable and sustainable. All their products are refillable and can be used for ANY cleaning job. The Concentrate is significantly less expensive than similar single-use products. Annie Jackson, acting COO of Credo Beauty, shares her wide-ranging knowledge about the beauty industry (both conventional and natural). Between Credo’s brands, the leadership, and their consumers, there is a common thread: transparency. Credo promises INTEGRITY. They will never carry products with known harmful ingredients and they only stock brands that never test on animals. Both Allison and Annie share SO much amazing information on why you should buy CLEAN and vote with your dollar.



We discuss…



  • All the ways in which the Almost 30 podcast has grown and progressed since its inception about a year and a half ago.

  • "The details relating to Allison Evans’ (Branch Basics) testimony that safe, clean household products along with ridding her home of toxins and eating a real-food diet have healed her various serious health issues."

  • How much perseverance + trial and error went into coming up with the PERFECT all purpose cleaner.

  • That many conventional household cleaners actually utilize harmful (+ unlisted) ingredients (i.e. pesticides).

  • The importance of educating the masses on why they ought to purchase safer cleaning products. The keys to a healthier life are AWARENESS + BRAND TRANSPARENCY.

  • Annie Jackson’s employment history in the beauty industry, beginning with Estée Lauder + Sephora!

  • Annie’s transition out of conventional beauty and into cleaner beauty options.

  • The challenge of getting consumers to ditch their beloved skincare products for the ones you’re selling (even if yours ARE cleaner, safer, + better).

  • Misconceptions about natural, safe beauty products.

  • How Credo Beauty hires estheticians and make up artists to work in house and assist clients personally.

  • Moving away from the feeling of GUILT for the past use of “unhealthy” beauty products, and just making the best possible choices going forward.






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Ep. 110 A New Definition of Success + The Spirituality of Humanness with Author of “Earth is Hiring”, Peta Kelly


Peta Kelly, wow.  In a space so saturated, Peta stands out.  She is human AF. She’s an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, cacao enthusiast, and a voice for the millennial generation. Recently ranked by Inc magazine as a "Top 10 Female Entrepreneur" changing the world, Peta’s mission is to mobilize the next generation of conscious change makers. In today’s episode, we talk all about Peta’s book, Earth is Hiring, learn about how Peta has cultivated this HUMAN AF life, and moreover, the ways in which she has flipped the script on the old school of thought that you can’t live a life that you love while also making a lot of money. This interview is a total game-changer, and gets better and better as the episode progresses.



We discuss...

  • All things regarding Peta’s book, Earth is Hiring.

  • Peta’s transition from her life as a scientist to becoming an entrepreneur and a voice for the millennial generation.

  • Her thoughts on creating financial freedom in order to give back to the world in greater, more plentiful ways.

  • Why Peta feels inspired to lead as an example for others and where this desire originated from.

  • That the key to her success is unwavering focus.

  • Her thoughts on looking for inspiration within oneself rather than outside forces.

  • Learning that spirituality is humanness.

  • Peta’s thoughts on the initial righteousness people experience when shifting their lifestyles, and then transitioning to a place of less rigidity and more acceptance.

  • How Peta’s definition of success shifted over time.

  • Peta’s cacao ceremonies + finding activities as a mother that are just for her.

  • “Working hard” vs. THRIVING.




Ep. 109 Ladies Get Paid: On Career Coaching + Standing in Your Power - with Claire Wasserman


Claire Wasserman is a career coach + founder of Ladies Get Paid, an organization + global community that helps women rise up at work. She says on her website of this business endeavor: “I created Ladies Get Paid because I needed it. The lack of women in leadership roles disturbed me and I was craving a space where women could support one another.” With a background in event planning, Claire launched her businesses to both career coach and help women negotiate salaries like a pro with Ladies Get Paid. In this episode, we delve into all things gender, creative directing, film representation, and more! You’re going to love her helpful advice as much as we did!!



We discuss...


  • Claire’s tips for how to negotiate like a pro! These include knowing your market value, learning to brag about yourself, what to do if the company in question doesn’t have a budget, how to be less nervous, and understanding ways to combat gender biases.

  • Knowing your value at work and sensitivity around discussing money.

  • How the perspectives of creative directors (largely white men) shape our understanding of the world.

  • Claire’s Ladies Get Paid salary negotiation course.

  • Advocating for yourself financially, because when YOU are negotiating for yourself, you are actually negotiating for HER!

  • The gendered notion of apologizing excessively over email, etc. and how to combat the temptation to say “sorry.”

  • Finding small successes in your day-to-day life rather than waiting to become “successful.” It’s all about mindset!

  • Educating yourself about money as a means of self-love.




Ep. 108 “Genius Foods” + How Eating for Optimal Brain Health Will Make You Happier and More Productive with Max Lugavere


Max Lugavere is a TV personality, health and science journalist, filmmaker, musician, and author of the recently published book, Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life (2018). Max’s expertise is wide-ranging, but he is particularly passionate about preventing neurodegenerative diseases by honing in on the effects of diet and lifestyle on brain health. In today’s episode we get REAL science-y, but also dive deep into the personal motivations behind Max’s professional journey. We can’t wait for you to check it out!



We talk about...


  • Max’s workout routine + splitting his time between NYC and West Hollywood!

  • The research + science behind why exercise is SO good for you.

  • Max’s thoughts on veganism + plant-based eating.

  • How Max transitioned from a TV career to one specializing in studying the intersection of nutrition + disease prevention.

  • How Max has navigated his mother’s challenging neurodegenerative disease diagnosis.

  • Disease prevention as a MILLENNIAL issue!

  • How people today are being POISONED by our food supply.

  • The fallacies in the USDA MyPlate grain suggestion (successor to the Food Pyramid).

  • How eating a brain-healthy diet impacted Max’s personal cognitive function.

  • Research on the correlation between diet + depression and anxiety (“Food & Mood” connection).

  • Why “everything in moderation” may be bad advice!

  • How under-sleeping exacerbates emotional turmoil and pain.

  • All the details on Max’s newly released book, Genius Foods, + a list of some of his favorite superfoods for brain health (hint: CHOCOLATE!).


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Ep 107 New and Full Moons + Tapping into the Power of Your Astrological Sign with Spirit Daughter, Jill Wintersteen


Today we welcome Jill Wintersteen to the Almost 30 pod! She is the woman behind the quickly growing Venice based brand, Spirit Daughter. She was introduced to astrology and yoga as a teenager, but at first, Jill followed a more traditional path to become a neuroscientist. While studying at Hopkins, Jill had the opportunity to study Chinese Medicine in Venice Beach. This relocation brought her to her calling and she began a practice of “helping others to find grounding, peace, and their true path.” On today’s episode, we discuss Jill’s business, Spirit Daughter, where you can purchase Moon Workbooks, Crystals by Season, and Dreamcatchers. This conversation is centered around Jill’s personal and professional background, her insanely deep understanding of energy and astrology, and her insights into the ways cosmic energy impacts our day-to-day living.



We talk about...


  • Jill’s teenage years spent playing with crystals and astrology charts!

  • Her experience attending Upattinas School, known for fostering individuality and lifelong learning.

  • Jill’s background as a neuroscientist, studying at Hopkins, + eventually relocating to Venice Beach to study Chinese Medicine.

  • Planting intentions on a new moon, and then sharing the new version of ourselves during the full moon - which marks a period of release.

  • How Jill wrote an AMAZING forward for Allie Michelle’s new poetry book, Explorations of a Cosmic Soul.

  • The rise of the feminine energy in both men and women + how the #MeToo movement may actually align with the cosmic energy.

  • Bringing the world’s masculine and feminine energy into balance.

  • How to bring more of what you want and need into your life.

  • Why Jill isn’t afraid of Mercury Retrograde!

  • Jill’s newest project currently in the works - you heard it here first - a brand new APP!


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Ep. 106 Becoming Bon Qui Qui and Overcoming Life’s Challenges through Faith + Comedy with Anjelah Johnson


We are SO excited to welcome Anjelah Johnson-Reyes onto the show today!! She is an actress + comedian, and was a cast member on the series MADtv during its 13th season! Anjelah’s MADtv characters included a Vietnamese nail salon employee named Mi Ling/Tammy and a fast food employee, the famous Bon Qui Qui! On today’s episode we talk all about her life’s journey — how her career began (hint: FREE church joke-writing class!?), overcoming obstacles, navigating relationships, growing spiritually and personally, building a career in LA + more!!



We discuss...


  • Anjelah’s beautiful marriage and partnership with husband, Manwell.

  • How Anjelah unexpectedly began her comedic career in a FREE church joke-writing class.

  • Learning to be famous after her very first video went VIRAL.

  • Her belief that this career path in comedy is a gift and that joy is medicine for all who are hurting.

  • Anjelah’s upbringing and how she navigated the residual hardship and trauma in her teen years.

  • How attending a church camp and delving into her Christian faith changed her life forever.

  • Anjelah’s journey from San Jose, CA to Oakland, CA to become an NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

  • How Anjelah became an extra on Friends for seasons 9 + 10, and all that she took with her from those 2 years of growth and on-the-job education

  • Finding the energy and inspiration to both create your art and get closer to God spiritually, even amidst ‘downtime’ and hardship.

  • Changing your perspective + mindset to embody the principle, “It’s not about me.”

  • Uplifting other women because there is room for all of us!


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