Ep. 95 Author and Leader in Female Driven Social Impact, Morra Aarons Mele on Embracing Your Introverted Self While Creating Your Own Success


Morra Aarons-Mele joins Krista and Lindsey this week for an impactful conversation. She is the author of Hiding in the Bathroom and the Founder of award-winning social impact agency Women Online and its database of women influencers, The Mission List.


We’ve talked to a lot of you about the struggle of being an introvert with big plans. You want to get out there and pursue your dreams, but you also want to stay true to who you are… and it’s a constant battle!! Morra spent years fighting this battle, but now she’s figured out how to wield introversion as a tool that makes her even more successful.

We chat about...

  • Helping women thrive in this digital age

  • Morra’s problem with mentorship

  • Finding a strong niche + following your passion

  • The secret to good digital marketing

  • Why you don’t necessarily have to worry about building a personal brand online

  • Business building hacks for introverts

  • Why Morra dedicated her life to social good around women

  • The world post-2017 election

  • How women can ask for what they deserve in the workplace

  • Work-life balance VS work-life fit

  • What it was like working with the Obama administration

  • Morra’s self-care rituals



EPISODE 80: Leading Lady Mia Serafino on Hollywood, Doing The Work, + Being a Female in Film

Ever wondered what it's actually like to "Follow The Yellow Brick Road"? Well, newsflash IT'S HARD WORK. And the hilarious and talented rising star, MIA SERAFINO is here to tell us why. We're in need of some serious everyday inspo so get ready for grounded girl talk with Mia, an actress who's been on Shameless, Saving Mr. Banks, Crowded, and you guessed it, Oz: The Great & Powerful.

This episode is low-key, honest, and a real go-with-the-flow convo. With Mia we talk about the true consistency it takes to get what you want in your craft, especially being an actress in a town like L.A, putting your head down and doing the work, her transition between her early 20's and her late 20's, the challenges of being female in the entertainment industry, doubling for Mila Kunis, and kissing Hugh Jackman. That's right, HUGH FUCKING JACKMAN. Who then became one of her major acting mentors. #SAME. 

Mia inspired us to the MAX, sharing her mantras that make her feel legitimate and confident in any situation. But in terms of the battle of balance - relationships, career, your craft, money, and everything in between - even if you're not an actress, this conversation is something that we've all experienced. Some goodies from this episode include ...

  • "I never cared about being famous, I just wanted to be good."

  • "The harder I worked, the luckier I got."

  • "When you just make it about the work, nothing else matters."

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EPISODE 77: Viral Poet + Activist Yung Pueblo on The Power of Social Media and the Evolution of our Collective Consciousness


Originally from Ecuador, our talented guest this week, Diego Perez, actually goes by another name which you might know him by - YUNG PUEBLO! This past year he blew up on Instagram under the pen name @yungpueblo sharing poems, love notes to the universe, and everyday, simple mantras to live your life by. Not only is he a writer, but a student and expert practicer of Vipassana mediation and speaker. Through his work, he hopes to support the healing of the individual, knowing that when people release their personal burdens it helps humanity build a global peace. MIC DROP. Or more like PEN DROP ...


  • Why "Yung Pueblo"? Diego talks about his Ecuador roots and the true meaning of his people, origins, and name

  • the inspiration for his words, which come from SIMPLE HUMAN LESSONS we learn growing up

  • Fun Fact: Diego mediates for not one but TWO HOURS a day - DAMN, teach us your ways!

  • how his words and his creativity grows through mediation

  • his Catholic upbringing & how he was a big "doubter" - not feeling complete in his spiritual practice

  • his fascination and focus on LIBERATION and FREEDOM

  • what its like to go on a 10 DAY MEDITATION & how much sh*t presented itself to Diego when he embarked on it & how it WORKS

  • Diego's upbringing, his drug + party filled college and post grad experience

  • drugs, alcohol, and how it AFFECTS YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

  • how taking hallucinogenic drugs (LSD, etc.) affect YOU, your THOUGHTS, and the way you LEARN

  • being PRESENT, whether it means you are sober or not

  • the power of MEDITATING instead of doing drugs AKA the mind calming and the mind stressing

  • the idea of ONENESS VERSUS NOTHINGNESS, that there's not one answer to everything

  • how the chaos in our lives are VITAL to understanding your inner self and peace

  • how INNER PEACE contributes to GLOBAL peace and collective consciousness

  • the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA and lying to yourself

EPISODE 74: Polly Rodriguez of unbound box on surviving cancer, redefining sexuality, + what it means to be a ceo


This week we're talkin' about SEX, LOVE & OTHER THINGS (hehe shameless plug for our event on October 14th) with Co-Founder and CEO of Unbound Box, POLLY RODRIGUEZ!  We discuss everything from how and why she started Unbound Box, her battle at 21 years old with colon cancer and early menopause, the male dominated sex industry, to sexuality as a whole. Polly and Unbound Box have been featured in press like BustleThe New York Times, Bravo, Glamour, and POPSUGAR for revolutionizing the sex industry and giving the best advice as a boss-ass business owner. With that being said, here's some of the goodies we explore in the episode:

  • Polly's experience with colon cancer while living abroad in Spain - having the symptoms and not knowing what to do, dropping out of school, chemotherapy, surgeries, being catapulted into menopause, and ultimately being embarrassed by her illness and sexuality

  • the negative stigmas with menopause and any major health deficiency

  • her professional time on Capitol Hill, then moving to Manhattan and deciding to go into business strategy and working for a dating startup

  • why SEX is so stigmatized & how Polly found the market opportunity to address it through a brand new project

  • the resistance and criticism she received for starting Unbound Box, with her reputation being highly judged

  • her first sex trade show, the mechanics of the show, & how it was male dominated

  • what it's really like to not only start a business as a female, but to FIND INVESTORS as a female for a sex business

  • how to get the attention of INVESTORS and the art of the PITCH

  • what is a SEXY that people can relate to

  • how sex is more a WELLNESS and SELF-CARE action than a taboo

  • how for women, sexuality is all about PERMISSION and we talk about how to give to yourself


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Pulling again from our hat of comedians our listeners know and love, we bring on the one, the only, BILLY GRIFFIN. And boy, will you sh*t your pants from laughing so hard, and within in the first minutes no less. We're keepin' things light and a lil cray cray with Billy, a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, and host, who's been on America's Funniest Home Videos, performs local stand-up, and with the infamous Second City Improv Program in Chicago.

Right away we dive into only the most random of everyday thoughts, like "How am I going to pay for my kid's college tuition?", "How did my parents even afford that?", or "Was my father shitting himself in a closet somewhere when he realized how much it cost?" Or if that isn't hitting home for you, Billy opens up about how he went from college football star, moving to Chicago and working shitty recruiting and insurance jobs, and then moving back home. But coincidentally, he won enough money on a game show to move out to Los Angeles and finally pursue comedy. Basically, this is where his comedic journey begins and he explains everything from ...

  • pumping up his crowds

  • getting pre-show jitters no matter how charismatic you are

  • his very first gig

  • all of his comedian friends and their equally funny encounters

  • what it means to be a "Warm Up Guy" for show audiences

  • how dating in LA is like having a JOB - you have to be proactive

  • the fear of grabbing coffee with someone you don't know that well ...

  • dating PET PEEVES

  • the best questions to start dating app convos with


Oh, this episode is just a couple of models just having a discussion about models doing model things. JUST KIDDING. But, what a discussion that would be ... On the real tho, Krista and Linds sat down this week with a #reallifemodel KARI CALHOUN, one of the most popular names in America's Next Top Model history (Season 21, what uppppp!). And we get to all the details, from start to finish on her model journey. 

We talk about her story, moving from Dallas to Iowa to Los Angeles, and why she fell in love with the city full of so many opportunities. (She literally hopped off the plane at LAX) Although at first she never took her modeling career seriously, she got signed to a boutique agency and started going to auditions, which were as intense as people say they are. There was a long period where Kari's lack of confidence was showing through the camera & kept her asking "Why am I not getting it?" or "What am I doing wrong?" So how did she get her groove back? Soul searching, not giving a f*ck, letting go, taking everything step-by-step, & realizing the auditions that best fit HER.

Kari also lays down the law when it comes to #INSTAMODELS & why they shouldn't be honored or idolized. "What goes viral about you should be your character and how you live your life, " she explains. MIC FRICKEN DROP. And in addition, she touches on how gratitude can get lost during the hustle. SUCH A GOOD POINT!

But we all know you want to hear about Kari's ANTM career started, which by the way, was when Kari was holding a plank at the gym while a casting director approached her! From the drama to the producers egging things on, Kari TELLS ALL & she learned more than she could have imagined from it. But you'll have to hear for yourself now on #iTunes!


OKAY THE BOYS ARE BACK EVERYONE ... well, just one. But he's the best. Actor, comedian, man of all things absolutely hilarrrrr, RYAN O'FLANAGAN is our special guest this week. Not only has he been on New Girl, Adam Devine's House Party, Comedy Central, Tosh.0, and American Dad, he graduated with Linds from Boston College in 20 fricken 10. WHA?! Basically, this episode is a force to be reckoned with.

After graduating college, he packed up his stuff, drove cross country to L.A., and never looked back. Ever since, he's been rising and grinding to be the most original comedian. Ryan talks about everything that's happened in between over the years, including ...

  • weird-ass gym encounters

  • living with an 81 year old man from Craigslist

  • dealing with the haters as a performer

  • Linds and Ryan meeting in college

  • what we wore back in the day AKA anything BCBG or platform sandals

  • Ryan's hit tourist show on Funny Or Die called "Ryan Does"

  • the game of dating apps

  • our fave emojis including the mushroom one

  • doing acid in the wilderness

  • finding your voice over the years

This ep is CRAY, RELAXED, + everything you need right now. Enjoy #almost30nation!



Artist, designer, woman of change, and amazing light of creativity, CHELSEA LEIFKEN, joins Krista + Linds this week in the #Almost30Lounge, and it's as real as it gets, people. If you don't know who Chelsea is, YOU SHOULD/GET ON IT. Not only is she one of LA's coolest designers, but she's the creator of fabulous lines of leather goods, hand painted by her with love and the most inspirational messages. After studying at FIDM and working the 9-5 lifestyle in the tremulous fashion industry, Chelsea realized she was meant for something greater. That she had more to give to the world as an artist. Battling depression, anxiety, and the challenges of starting your own business, she's the badass we all need more of.

Talk about a motivational episode right? SIDE NOTE: There's A LOT of laughs in this one. Some hot points in this one include ...

  • high school BS

  • learning about, understanding, and knowing yourself

  • the power of LISTS

  • part-time Starbucks employees have bomb health insurance?!?!

  • Chelsea's journey as a designer, from her first trade show to manufacturing her designs

  • all of the tools in Chelsea's toolbox for HAPPINESS

  • the importance of giving back

  • dating through the phone ie. Tinder, Bumble, etc.