In this week's special surprise minisode, Krista and Lindsey share their FAVORITE, can't-freakin-live-without-'em, don't-you-dare-borrow-a-dollop beauty products. 

They believe it's an art to curate a collection of high-end and low-end products that really work.  When you are "almost 30", taking care of YOU becomes a very real/necessary/vain practice.  Mud mask made from 300 year old clay and bat droppings guarantees to erase fine lines? 

SIGN THEM UP.  From your hair, to your face, to your decolletage...YOUR WHAT!?  ...And to a few areas in between, your gal's have you covered. 


Minisode 04: How to deal with REJECTION

During this weeks' minisode the girls have a very candid conversation about rejection. Krista shares what it's like auditioning for SoulCycle, what she learned and how she was redirected after she failed, and how it let her to redefine and repurpose herself into Almost 30 and The Hundred Blog. Lindsey goes deep into sharing how putting herself in front of rejection more often as an actor creates a healthy non-attachment to the outcome so that her pursuit is always exciting.

They discuss the something greater at work, the challenge to trust it, and what happens when you give into the universe's bigger plan.

All the dreamers, doers, achievers, lovers, friends and humans will relate to this baby.

SoulCycle Story by Krista Williams

Minisode 03: Your NEW morning rituals

#Almost30 is having a mindful morning. 

That first hour will set the tone for the rest of your day, so quit half-assing and hating it. 

Krista and Lindsey outline their best mornings and explain why the rituals they have incorporated set them up for the BEST DAY EVER. 

Why the heck should you drink water first thing in the morning? 

Are you carving out a "moment" for yourself? 

How quickly do you grab phone after waking up?  Get excited!! 

Your morning is about to become your sacred time!

The Hundred Blog Morning Rituals

Minisode 02: How to learn from people you're dating

Too often we walk away from a break-up or a passionate fling feeling angry, frustrated, hopeless, lead-on, or just plain PISSED.  BUT HEY, he/she entered your life for a reason, and made an exit FOR A REASON. 

In this minisode, Krista and Lindsey give us advice on how to learn from and then move on from those that we loved or lusted after. 

It's not easy, but it's worth the shift.  

Song on the outro: Say My Name (Hermitude Remix)

Minisode 01: Workout class etiquette

In Almost 30's first minisode, Krista and Lindsey talk FITNESS CLASS ETIQUETTE. The girls skip deodorant talk and serve up some deep do's and dont's. 

These tips will help you set the vibe in the room and the tone for the rest of your day.  What a waste of time to dread your workout.  The girls want you to have fun, feel sexy, and fill it with intention. 

Tune in for 8 minutes, your sweaty sanctuary awaits.

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Krista's Tips for mixing up your workout here.