Ep. 153 NOMADNESS: Creating a Tribe + Movement for People of Color Who Travel - with Evita Robinson


#Almost30nation! Hello friends! Excited to introduce you to this week’s guest. Evita Robinson founded the NOMADNESS Travel Tribe, a first-of-its-kind movement bringing together and representing the underrepresented in mainstream travel. Their mission is to show the world that travel has no racial, gender, religious, economic, or interest limitations through community representation and relevancy (like the $50,000,000 being injected into the travel industry every year).

In today’s political climate, it’s more important than ever to get out and travel, meet different people, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. It allows us to gain perspective and see ourselves as just a part of humanity; something to keep you modest, keep you grounded, and keep you connected to what’s REAL! We love the way Evita embodies this, and we know you are all going to love her.

We discuss…

  • A stark view of how people of color are underrepresented in the travel industry

  • The highs and lows of NOMADNESS’ group travel events (but mostly highs)

  • How NOMADNESS came to be

  • Reverse culture shock: when home feels like a foreign country

  • How Evita approaches building a community

  • Navigating a new challenge + stepping into your light

  • How social media changed travel

  • Evita’s relationship with spirituality

  • The Airbnb experience for people of color + partnering with Airbnb

  • Why you need people of color in your marketing teams + HR

  • Creating safe + sacred spaces

  • What’s next for NOMADNESS: the first U.S. festival for travelers of color!


Ep. 152 Savage Love: An Honest Look at Monogamy, Sex, & LGBTQ Rights with Dan Savage


While in Seattle, Lindsey + Krista had the privilege of hanging out with one of the city’s most influential and controversial figures: Dan Savage, the bestselling author, sex columnist, and activist for the LGBTQ community. Dan was so incredibly authentic, honest, and open during this conversation, and we are so happy to have explored some topics that we’ve never had the opportunity to cover in our show. Sometimes these conversations aren’t just fun, but completely change the way we perceive our world – and this is definitely one of those episodes.

You can find Dan sharing more of his thoughts and providing advice in the “Savage Love” column, his latest best-selling book American Savage, and in the Savage Lovecast.

Dan doesn’t hold back and he has a lot to say, so get excited for some Savage Love!

We talk about…

  • Why Dan lives in Seattle

  • The hardest thing Dan has ever had to do in his life

  • Dealing with criticism

  • Dan Savage in his early 20s

  • Slut shaming

  • Why and how we’ve made monogamy such a big deal in our society (and how that causes problems)

  • People opening up about their kinks

  • Starting the It Gets Better Project 10 years ago & where it is now

  • Where Dan gets his news

  • Hump: America’s best dirty film festival

  • Dan’s advice for his 20-year-old self


Ep. 149 Trans Issues are Cis Issues: Challenging the Gender Binary + Connecting Through Differences with Alok Vaid-Menon


Alok Vaid-Menon is a gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, and educator.  Taken from Alok’s own writing “In a world that requires everyone to 'pass' within two discrete categories of 'man' OR 'woman' what would it mean for gender non-conformity to be regarded as beautiful, desirable, legitimate, and worthy?”.  They are performing, speaking, and writing from their soul to connect through differences and challenge the archaic social construct that is gender.

Alok is so comfortable in their skin and their glam, and the confidence is infectious! We had a ton of fun chatting with them, soaking in their poetic words – and we know you’re going to leave this episode with a little bit more hope, a little bit more inspiration, and new ways to challenge the current paradigm!

We talk about…

  • The ins and outs of your passion being your business

  • Growing up (emotionally repressed) in a small Texas town

  • Southern “politeness”

  • Balancing being a strong example for others + being a complex, flawed human

  • Why it hurts when we turn someone into a metaphor and a symbol

  • Visibility does not mean safety for women and trans people

  • Where Alok developed their emotional vocabulary

  • Gender + shame

  • Learning not to fear their own gender nonconformity

  • The psychology of fascism

  • Why Alok is frustrated by the individualism of self-care

  • The people who bully us want to be us

  • Aesthetics as political resistance

  • Violence against gender non-conforming individuals has escalated over the past few years

  • What we can all do, every day, to challenge the current paradigm


Ep. 142 What is White Privilege? Waking Up to Our Unconscious Biases with Thais Sky


Thais Sky is a truth speaker, healer, women's coach, and feminist on a heart-led mission to have important conversations at the intersection of feminism + spirituality, and today she’s re-joining Lindsey + Krista to once again tackle some really big questions: How can we begin to dismantle our unconscious biases?  How can we all be better allies to one another? And how can we provide a safe space for more conversations like these?



We are constantly striving to evolve ourselves and this show by bringing more diverse voices into the conversation –as always, we are learning right along with you all.  So thank you for being to open and vulnerable


This episode includes…


  • Opportunities for growth

  • Being addicted to our shitty thoughts + shitty people

  • Trying not to compartmentalize our own spirituality

  • Feeling unworthy of your own self-care

  • We can't show up for others if we’re not showing up for ourselves.

  • Everything is about power dynamics

  • The governmental + societal systems that keep certain groups of people oppressed

  • How white women contribute to + benefit from racism

  • How we can REALLY educate ourselves about systematic oppression + privilege

  • If you don’t look at a wound, if you don’t take care of it, it’s going to get worse

  • As privileged white girls, what is our place in the conversation?

  • With privilege comes responsibility

  • Living in an emotionally illiterate culture

  • “You can’t love other people until you love yourself” sounds really nice – but that’s not necessarily the case!

  • How to avoid tokenizing people of color

  • When people say they’re “color blind”

  • People need to do this work imperfectly (because perfect just isn’t going to happen)

  • Deciding what kind of legacy we want to leave



Ep. 134 Nascar Champion Julia Landauer on Breaking the Social Limitations Placed on Women


Today we have a bonafide #bossbabe and pioneer: Julia Landauer, a NASCAR driver and two-time champion who is empowering women all over the world.

After becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Track Championship at Motor Mile Speedway in her division, Julia graduated to the televised NASCAR K&N Pro Series West. She finished 4th in the K&N championship, becoming the highest finishing female in the series’ 64-year history. Plus, this girl is frickin’ smart – she graduated from Stanford with a BS in Science, Technology, and Society!

She is standing in her strengths and her light, paving the way not only for aspiring female racecar drivers but also for any women who want to live in their truth + what really makes them happy. We chat about…

  • How Julia (and the rest of her family) got into racing when she was a young girl

  • 15 years of racing experience at the age of 26

  • Going from go karting to stock car

  • Why there have been so few women in NASCAR

  • Being a female driver with an all-male pit crew

  • How parents can empower their children

  • Being on Survivor Season 26 (while attending college!)

  • What Julia learned from her experience on Survivor

  • Dealing with social media haters

  • Promoting Cars 3 with Disney

  • Driving at 174 miles per hour

  • Asking for help

  • Value comes in all different shapes and sizes

  • How the divine feminine has been beneficial as a racer



Ep. 123 It Ain’t Weak to Speak: A Conversation on Mental Health + Breaking the Stigma - with Sam Webb of LIVIN.org


Today’s episode is an important conversation. 1 in 7 young people experience a mental illness in any given year, and far too many suffer in silence due to the stigma that surrounds mental health and lack of understanding. Sam Webb, Co-Founder of LIVIN.org, is on a mission to change this.  



Sam is championing a space where people feel comfortable talking about any mental health issues, and any emotions that feel so overwhelming you can’t cope with them on your own. He is a bright light that has experienced a lot of darkness. Since his best friends suicide, Sam has made it his mission to promote the mantra “It Ain’t Weak to Speak” to save others who might be suffering silently.


Sam reminds us that that our presence, our listening and caring ear, our encouragement to find help, can change someone’s life.


If you or anyone you know are having thoughts of suicide, there is always someone available to listen:


We talk about…


  • The tragic origin story of LIVIN

  • Making the conversation around mental health cool

  • Asking for help

  • The lack of understanding around mental illness

  • Sam’s own mental health journey

  • The relationship between masculinity and silence

  • Substance abuse and mental health

  • The sleep deprivation epidemic

  • Sam’s self-care routine

  • Experiencing compassion fatigue

  • Why listening is THE most important thing when someone is seeking support

  • Giving people the tools to seek and help + identify warning signs

  • Feeling alone being part of the mental health challenge

  • Working with parents + helping them listen

  • Finding the unique mental health “workout” that works best for you



Ep. 116 We’re All Going to Die: Celebrating Life Through the Lens of Death with Stefan Hunt


On the first night of Yeah Field Trip, a festival for the creative and the curious, an awesome speaker brought down the house: Stefan Hunt!!



Stefan talked about fear, taking ownership of fear, the relationship between fear + death, and changing our relationship with death – and we just had to share all of that awesomeness with #ALMOST30NATION. Through We’re All Going to Die - The Festival and some incredible art, Stefan is inspiring others to live more radically, pursue their dreams, and just be more alive.



We chat about...



  • Krista + Lindsey’s session on podcasting at Yeah Field Trip

  • Stefan’s honesty + authenticity in his opening speech

  • The inspiration for We’re All Going to Die - The Festival

  • Shifting your perspective around death

  • The integral role of art at WAGTD

  • Creating a deeper connection with the people around us

  • Choosing between a ‘what if’ and a ‘why not’

  • Why we fear death + avoid talking about it

  • Bringing the WAGTD Festival to the United States

  • Stefan’s work as a director

  • Volunteering with various global charities





Ep. 101 ‘American Vandal’ Star, Ryan O’Flanagan, Is Back To Talk About His Breakout Year in Hollywood + Share The Inspiring (And Weird) Stories That Defined It

Ryan Headshot - LindseySimcik.jpg

Our favorite guy is back by popular demand!! Ryan O'Flanagan is a supremely talented LA-based actor, writer, and comedian who has appeared on Netflix's unexpectedly hilarious "American Vandal" and Comedy Central's "Corporate,” among others! In 2017, Ryan partnered with Funny or Die to produce a series of Tourist Videos, and this April you’ll be able to watch Ryan's half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central.


Ever have days where all you want to do is laugh?  Today’s the day #almost30nation. Enjoy this super fun, long-form conversation about all things life + comedy (with a few bonus friends added into the mix).


This episode includes…

  • Updates on our favorite products right now, including Bitch Stix, pre-workout drinks such as Silver Fern (use code Almost30 for 15% off) and Revere, Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Elixir, this Peppermint Halo Wand, Dermalogica skin care products, Thistle meal deliveries (use promo code KRISTA308 for $20 off), and the NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning Device. Total game-changers!

  • Ryan’s story about landing his latest role on Netflix’s “American Vandal.”

  • Free-flowing conversation about clubbing, bar fights, fleas, and bed bugs!

  • Ryan’s thoughts on moving back to NYC.

  • Post-college thoughts on all the things we’ve yet to learn.

  • Ryan’s experience shooting a Mexican commercial with Sylvester Stallone!

  • A long awaited update re: our last Recap episode! Ryan chats about his new calf tattoo and the subsequent run-in at the gym.

  • Fitness goals for 2018!

  • Lindsey’s early stint as a director at BC.