Ep. 99 Breathe it All in: Live Breathwork + Meditation at Lululemon feat. Intuitive Healer Jenna Reiss + Osteopathic Physician Dr. Ryan Greene

Today’s episode is a recording of the live Breathwork and Meditation event we recently held at the Lululemon in Brentwood (thank you Lulu fam!). We recommend that you listen in a place where you are able to practice the meditation and breathwork along with us.  You will will experience sensations in the body that would not be best felt in a car!


We kick off the session with an opening meditation by Jenna Reiss, an Intuitive Healer, Writer, and Breathwork Meditation Coach. Using a two-part active breathing technique, intuitive guidance, and life coaching tactics, Jenna helps us break free from old patterns and improve our everyday perspective.  Krista and Lindsey lead a Q + A with Jenna, who opens up about why meditation saved her life.


We then move from the spiritual to the scientific! Dr. Ryan Greene, an Osteopathic Physician specializing in human performance + recovery, unwraps the science behind breathwork and explains why these exercises are so beneficial, both psychologically and physiologically.  Dr. Greene also serves as principal medical advisor at Monarch Athletic Club in West Hollywood, the first private, sustainable health and wellness facility delivering traditional training services combined with physician directed, evidence-based integrative medical intervention.  Our audience was eager to learn how they could be training and recovering smarter.


You will discover...


  • How Breathwork Meditation makes you feel more like YOU

  • Why meditation doesn’t have to be so serious

  • What the 4-7-8 breathing technique is

  • How integrative medicine incorporates physical activity and mindfulness

  • Why breathwork could reduce your medical bills every year

  • How to achieve peak performance using breathwork + mindfulness



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