Ep. 97 Sex, Consciousness + Infidelity With Relationship Coach + Teacher John Wineland- Part 2


Weโ€™re winding down the weekwith part 2 of our conversation with John Wineland, a relationship coach who leads men + women to learn, practice, and master the capacity to experience depth and intimacy that is compassionate, understanding, exciting, and truthful.


We chat about...

  • Communicating what you want so that everyone feels empowered by sex

  • When you should have sex with a potential partner (and what waiting does in our brains)

  • How your frequency you put out attracts different types of people

  • Swiping left + right

  • The secret formula for captivating men

  • The patterns in our relationships that stunt our intimacy

  • Going on a feminine cleanse

  • Navigating unfaithfulness

  • Why we get ghosted

  • #MeToo + the current state of affairs