Ep. 96 Relationship Coach + Teacher John Wineland on Creating and Sustaining the Intimacy We all Desire + The Masculine/Feminine In All Of Us - Part 1


Valentine’s Day is what it is for you this year!  Whether you are single or in a relationship, we want you to celebrate your current state of affairs!!!  There is purpose and growth living there, so trust that.


We’re celebrating with a double dose of John Wineland, a relationship coach, speaker, and teacher who leads men + women in the practices of embodied masculine leadership, spiritual intimacy, and sexual polarity.  There is a palpable integrity in John’s work--his vulnerability in exploring these questions and challenges himself make his coaching and teaching style so unique and captivating,  He is here to debunk the myth that connection and intimacy just happens.  While he outlines the specific work that needs to be done, he assures us that the process will unlock an incredible realm of possibility in your intimate relationships.


We listened to this episode a few times.  One solo, one with friends, and some of us with our partners.  Notepads out fam!  We all have something to learn here!  John discusses:


  • The masculine + feminine in all of us

  • Managing every type of relationship (not just romantic ones)

  • Why certain patterns keep coming up in our relationships

  • Why we choose who we choose

  • Metabolizing the energy that your partner puts out

  • What we are taught about intimacy and why we are unable to maintain it

  • Consciousness in a relationship

  • Infidelity/Coping with infidelity


If you’re listening to this on February 13th, 2018 + you’re near Santa Monica, come say hello at our event!