Ep. 106 Becoming Bon Qui Qui and Overcoming Life’s Challenges through Faith + Comedy with Anjelah Johnson


We are SO excited to welcome Anjelah Johnson-Reyes onto the show today!! She is an actress + comedian, and was a cast member on the series MADtv during its 13th season! Anjelah’s MADtv characters included a Vietnamese nail salon employee named Mi Ling/Tammy and a fast food employee, the famous Bon Qui Qui! On today’s episode we talk all about her life’s journey — how her career began (hint: FREE church joke-writing class!?), overcoming obstacles, navigating relationships, growing spiritually and personally, building a career in LA + more!!



We discuss...


  • Anjelah’s beautiful marriage and partnership with husband, Manwell.

  • How Anjelah unexpectedly began her comedic career in a FREE church joke-writing class.

  • Learning to be famous after her very first video went VIRAL.

  • Her belief that this career path in comedy is a gift and that joy is medicine for all who are hurting.

  • Anjelah’s upbringing and how she navigated the residual hardship and trauma in her teen years.

  • How attending a church camp and delving into her Christian faith changed her life forever.

  • Anjelah’s journey from San Jose, CA to Oakland, CA to become an NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

  • How Anjelah became an extra on Friends for seasons 9 + 10, and all that she took with her from those 2 years of growth and on-the-job education

  • Finding the energy and inspiration to both create your art and get closer to God spiritually, even amidst ‘downtime’ and hardship.

  • Changing your perspective + mindset to embody the principle, “It’s not about me.”

  • Uplifting other women because there is room for all of us!


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