Ep. 94 The Beats, The Sweat, The Tribe: How Sarah Levey Created a Yoga Empire

Today we’re chatting with entrepreneur Sarah Levey!! Sarah is the Founder of Y7 Studio, the original hip-hop yoga studio. Humble warrior to Kendrick!? Uh, yes please.. BE HUMBLE. At Y7, you’ll find yourself in a dark, mirrorless, warm room, flowing to hip hop beats, inspired to lose yourself in the music and tune in to your body. Sarah founded Y7 with her husband, believing that the yoga space was missing something like this.

We chat about...  

  • How Y7 went from pop-up to phenomenon

  • Designing the brand vision

  • Building a customer-centric experience Self-funding the business

  • Focusing on your own growth (and not the person next to you)

  • Working alongside your husband

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Want to chat? Give us a ring! Call 1.424.270.1853

Live in LA or NY? Find a Y7 near you: y7-studio.com

Connect on Instagram: @sarah_levey | @Y7studio

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