Ep. 89 The Almost 30 2017 Recap Part 1


To celebrate the end of another year, Krista and Linds are doing something a little different. They’ve put together a handful of conversations from 2017 that had a BIG impact on them… or just made them laugh until they snorted.

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Get ready for inspo, info + laughs!  We revisit...

  • Kelly LeVeque on turning off hunger hormones + changing your breakfast to the fab 4 smoothie

  • Layla Martin chats about legendary love + her traumatic road to finding it

  • Sophie Jaffe talking honestly about marriage troubles + evolution

  • Heidi Stevens teaches us to manifest success + break down the limiting stories that we tell ourselves about money

  • Ryan O'Flanagan’s WEIRD trip to the gym

  • Stuffing + destuffing bras

  • Eating and being full

  • Baby talk in bed

  • Eating only kiddie meals

  • + MORE


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