Ep. 88 Astrologist + Author Tanaaz Chubb on Planetary Alignment, The Power of Positive Energy + Honoring the Forever You


Happy New Year Fam!  Today Krisa + Linds sit down with the spiritual, intuitive Tanaaz Chubb. She is an astrologist, the co-creator of ForeverConscious.com, and the author of The Power of Positive Energy. We dive deep into moon cycles, planetary alignment, and how you can honor the Forever You – the eternal part of you that is bigger than just this life. We chat about…

  • The awakening that revealed Tanaaz’s purpose

  • How starting small is the key to making your dream a reality

  • Manifesting Charmed

  • What Astrology is & how it affects our energy

  • How you can deepen your understanding of astrology + sense of self

  • Listening to your intuition

  • Tanaaz’s spiritual practices

  • How to communicate with your spirit guides (learn more in this article by Tanaaz)

  • Being yourself + embracing positive energy

  • How you can develop your own spiritual practice


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