EPISODE 73: How Curvy Songstress Isabelle Breaks the Music Industry Mold Through Body Positivity

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Glad we got her on show before she fricken blows up around the world because ISABELLE is a superstar inside and out. This week we are joined by Isabelle Pasquelone, born and raised in Atlanta, she's a singer, body positivity activist, and former American Idol contestant. Growing up, she was the "singer chick", who was always, always, always singing, starting voice lessons at 7 years old. For college, she attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, the only college she applied to BTW (*snaps for Isabelle), where she created a vast network for herself, learned traditional songwriting and the craft as a whole, and never regretted her decision.

Basically, we dive into her music-based WORLD, including her ...

  • experience with AMERICAN IDOL - how she never wanted to audition, got to the top 20 women finalists, how the whole thing is very unrealistic, and what it did for her career

  • HOPES and EXPECTATIONS on making it + her career during American Idol

  • the deep knowing of the outcomes of your experiences + opportunities

  • time on BROADWAY - and the up's and down's of that life

  • move to LOS ANGELES, like many of our amazing guests

  • new song UNLABELED, the music video, + how it stemmed from being told she was "too big" to be a singer or to be in Hollywood

  • real issues behind being a BODY POSITIVITY ACTIVIST - like Isabelle and Danika Brysha

  • solutions and optimism for building body positivity, whether you're bigger, smaller, older, younger, and anything in between

  • ability to FEED HER CREATIVITY

  • response to people saying she's so "brave" for just being her

  • take on PHOTOSHOP (*thumbs DOWN)

SO MANY QUOTABLE GOODIES in this episode #Almost30Nation! We hope you feel as inspired as we do by our conversations with Isabelle.