This conversation with Thais Sky left Krista and Lindsey with their jaws on the floor.  TRUTH TALK AT ITS REALEST.  The girls welcome this "esteemed women's leadership expert, international speaker and mindfulness teacher whose empathetic approach to worthiness, confidence and emotions have taken her through the healing of her own childhood trauma into a healing career, as well as into the study of cognitive psychology, neurology, spirituality, sociology and spiritual psychology".  THAIS IS NEXT LEVEL WOKE.  Her emotional connection to helping women reclaim not only their feminine power, but their human worthiness is palpable when she speaks.  Thais is a force to be felt and a voice to be heard.  Washingtonian Magazine named her as one of the top โ€œ8 bloggers to know.โ€ The Huffington Post calls her โ€œan inspirational womanโ€ and she was nominated for Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 award.  .....AND THIS IS JUST BEGINNING.  This conversation is the definition of FLOW, truly a dreamy inspirational conversation for the girls.  They discuss:

  • why being kind to yourself is the path to self-empowerment

  • how the woman's voice is going to shift the state of this world

  • why noticing the lens we where will wake you up and stir your power to change the world

  • why forcing ourselves to be positive is counterproductive

  • practical ways to up-level your life and align with your purpose

  • how giving yourself permission to feel the low will move you to a place of high vibration

  • how to knock down self-constructed barriers, like guilt, and shift into a state of inner peace and confidence

  • how Thais' healing journey is the foundation for her success as a coach

+ so much more.  You can connect with Thais at www.iamthaissky.com and @iamthaissky on social media.