Okay ladies + gents ... this episode is a BIG ONE. Not only do we have one but TWO guests, Danielle and Whitney of Sakara Life. They've known each other since they were twelve in Arizona, and moved to the Big Apple for their dreams of modeling and working on Wall Street. But as time passed, their struggles grew along with their go-go-go kind of lifestyle. Things basically got CRAY ... fast. Everything started to add up, from going-out, getting acne, drinking, eating out all of the time, working 80 hours/week, and not taking the time to take care of themselves. And this is how their new new lifestyle started.

They both had a lot of healing and needed to remind each other food is medicine. So from there they started being their own guinea pigs, and cooking their own meals and creating their own recipes. Eventually, they knew they were on to something, and they started delivering meals on their bikes around NYC to their clients.

In terms of the food science aspects of living the Sakara Life, here are some vital topics we touched on:

  • micro biome = bacteria living in your gut

  • 95% of serotonin is made in the gut

  • eating the right food helps that good bacteria thrive, and visa versa

  • adding greens is KEY to every meal - smoothies, sandwiches, soups, etc.

  • eat well and don't stress about it because studies show that stress/anxiety leads to aging faster

  • science points to plants as the key to anti-aging

  • eating a VARIETY of plants is important because it builds the different types of amino acids your body needs

  • studies also show that your personality is more present when eating healthy

It's all about living a life of clarity, freedom, health, and nourishment. We hope you learn more than you can imagine from this episode!


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