Okay #almost30nation, time to get METAPHYSICAL this week! That's right, Lindsey and Krista sat down with psychic medium CHRIS MEDINA and things got spiritual to say the least. They talk about each of their individual readings, when Chris realized he has a gift or "second sight", his struggles with these gifts, and also how they helped him grow to be the person he is today. WILL YOU GET CHILLZ.

  • Chris gets honest about some of his craziest readings, including an old lady soiling herself

  • having this gift as child, including knowing about things before they happened & manipulating teachers and students to cover up his gift

  • how "they" helped Chris pick the names for his kids

  • what SOULMATES really mean

  • do we even have JUST ONE life?

  • Lindsey & Krista's ACCURATE AF READINGS about careers, love, and making NEW moves

There's SO MUCH UNREALNESS in this episode, it's hard to put into words people. So, sit down in a quiet place, maybe with a cup of tea, and embrace all of Chris Medina's words.