EPISODE 26: BOUNdaries, anyone? + how to navigate big changes & never look back

The holidays are OVER. And of course, we need to talk about them.

So, this week, Krista and Lindsey discuss the outcomes of their holiday ventures. We’re talking the good, the bad, and the ugly: everything from family, revisiting bad habits, spending Christmas alone, and creating new traditions as a result. 

Did anyone take a cool vacay? Do something by yourself and actually enjoy your own company? Or did y’all visit the old fam' bam and get asked ALL the questions about life and work and relationships? It's okay, we did too.

Krista and Lindsey also bring in a STELLAR caller, Nicole from Boston, who get's real and to the point right away (she get's it). During the call, we get deep and down-to-earth about

  • 2016 was a year of change, but 2017 is the year you make shit happen

  • doing you & not worrying about what other people think

  • surviving & getting out of the "in-between"

  • our SOULCYCLE JOURNEYS! #tapitback #findyoursoulbaby

  • plus and minuses of moving across the country

  • going with your gut & letting your instincts pull you where they will

This week, the girls will help you honor the changes in your life so you can continue to do what you love and love what you do.