EPISODE 28: TV host + fashion designer ORLY SHANI on inspiring yourself & doing your own thang

LA entrepreneur/designer of TUC + WES, DIY extraordinaire, mother, and TV host, ORLY SHANI chats with the gals about exactly what you're thinking: HOW DOES SHE DO IT ALL?!?! 

Turns out, Lindsey and Orly go way way back to their NYC bartending days, before Orly went on to make a kick-ass career for herself, get married, and become a mother. #SAME

So what are the deets from this episode?

  • being traditional & following social norms is not always going to work for you

  • degrees are BULL if you don't have passion

  • faking it till you make it

  • Orly's experiences/expectations/failures in her early 20's

  • how being on NBC's reality fashion competition, "Fashion Star", led to her career as a host on E!

  • the REAL art of DIY

  • are your friend's INSTA followers fake or real? Orly will tell ya!

TUC+WES Giveaway on the INSTA (@almost30podcast) this week too! Keeps your eyes open for it friends!