Ep. 85 Charity Lighten on Digestion, Intermittent Fasting + Facing Cancer With Your Spouse

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Charity Lighten is here to inspire and teach. For most of her life she was “dying to be skinny.” We discuss her path to an inner awakening that has led her to honor her body and pursue a career as a Plant-Based Nutritionist + Food for Life Cooking Instructor. She is on a mission to inspire and educate people on keeping our bodies healthy, so that we don’t wait until we are sick to do something about it. Krista and Linds are obsessed with how the gut and bacteria affect our brain, digestion, mood, and holistic health, so this conversation is really enlightening (and emotional!). Charity also opens up about her husband’s battle with cancer. Perhaps the most inspiring part of this conversation was the way in which the Lighten chooses love over fear EVERY DAY. Grab your tissues.

You can expect to learn more about:

  • How to stay positive in the face of so much pain

  • How her faith has taught her to trust the plan and find peace

  • How Charity finds BEAUTY and LOVE in the most unlikely places – even cancer

  • The Human Microbiome Project

  • How society is creating a barrier between humans and the ecosystem of bacteria we need to THRIVE

  • What we really mean when we say “gut” + how to promote good gut health

  • How you can harm your healthy bacteria

  • A deep dive into the gut-brain connection

  • Charity’s thoughts on enemas + colonics

  • How different DIETS affect bacteria + disease