EPISODE 77: Viral Poet + Activist Yung Pueblo on The Power of Social Media and the Evolution of our Collective Consciousness


Originally from Ecuador, our talented guest this week, Diego Perez, actually goes by another name which you might know him by - YUNG PUEBLO! This past year he blew up on Instagram under the pen name @yungpueblo sharing poems, love notes to the universe, and everyday, simple mantras to live your life by. Not only is he a writer, but a student and expert practicer of Vipassana mediation and speaker. Through his work, he hopes to support the healing of the individual, knowing that when people release their personal burdens it helps humanity build a global peace. MIC DROP. Or more like PEN DROP ...


  • Why "Yung Pueblo"? Diego talks about his Ecuador roots and the true meaning of his people, origins, and name

  • the inspiration for his words, which come from SIMPLE HUMAN LESSONS we learn growing up

  • Fun Fact: Diego mediates for not one but TWO HOURS a day - DAMN, teach us your ways!

  • how his words and his creativity grows through mediation

  • his Catholic upbringing & how he was a big "doubter" - not feeling complete in his spiritual practice

  • his fascination and focus on LIBERATION and FREEDOM

  • what its like to go on a 10 DAY MEDITATION & how much sh*t presented itself to Diego when he embarked on it & how it WORKS

  • Diego's upbringing, his drug + party filled college and post grad experience

  • drugs, alcohol, and how it AFFECTS YOUR RELATIONSHIPS

  • how taking hallucinogenic drugs (LSD, etc.) affect YOU, your THOUGHTS, and the way you LEARN

  • being PRESENT, whether it means you are sober or not

  • the power of MEDITATING instead of doing drugs AKA the mind calming and the mind stressing

  • the idea of ONENESS VERSUS NOTHINGNESS, that there's not one answer to everything

  • how the chaos in our lives are VITAL to understanding your inner self and peace

  • how INNER PEACE contributes to GLOBAL peace and collective consciousness

  • the POWER of SOCIAL MEDIA and lying to yourself