Ep. 195 Pia Baroncini on Losing her Dad, Cancelling Her Wedding + Creating LPA


Today we have Pia Baroncini joining us on the podcast!  Pia is always 100% real, a magnetic quality that attracted us to her immediately!! Pia is the creator of LPA, a clothing brand under the Revolve house label, that carries a long list of celebrity brand fans. We love how real she is in all she does, and the total vibe of honesty and vulnerability that she carries wherever she goes. In our conversation today, Pia shares about the intense year that she went through, from losing her father, to problems that occured at the label, and so much more. Pia also shares the beautiful and heartbreaking experience of traveling to Italy to be beside her mother-in-law who became very ill right before their wedding, losing her father and how she’s been since, and the story of how Pia and her now husband met and dated.

We also talk about…

  • How she feels in her 30’s

  • The way she handles social media

  • Dealing with grief after her father's passing

  • What Pia is drinking every morning + how she takes care of herself

  • Everything that Pia is excited for in 2019

  • What 2018 taught Pia


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