Ep. 193 Breaking the Holding Pattern with Lindsey Simcik


We are back at it with another solo episode from Lindsey! Today, Lindsey is shining a light on something she is working on in real time.   Sparked by her recent energy healing session with Milliana Snow (episode 103), this episode explores “holding patterns”.   Lindsey speaks to where she thinks this patterning started, the areas of her life that tend to get stuck in a loop, and the ways that she’s been able to break free of them. From relationships, career, family to health, and of course, her personal relationship with herself, this conversation covers it all in hopes that you can relate.

Lindsey also talks about…

  • Being born with an intuitive feeling + how that changed

  • Stuck in the side-gig holding pattern

  • The holding pattern of romantic relationships + how therapy is helping break this

  • How the drinking culture is affecting holding patterns

  • Being stuck in the creative holding pattern

  • Ways she recognizes her patterns


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