Ep. 189 Before I Step Outside: A Conversation on Harassment, Influence, and Non-Conformance with Travis Alabanza


Today we are joined by Travis Alabanza. Travis is a performer, writer and theatre maker, and has been noted by numerous publications, such as Artsy, ID and Mobo Awards, as one of the most prominent emerging queer artistic voices. Travis is also listed in OUT as an influential queer figure, appeared in campaigns with MAC X ASOS and performed across the country and internationally. In todayโ€™s conversation the three of us talk about who Travis was before the world knew Travis, how they got into the performance space, and the vocabulary around nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and trans, and how we can better approach those conversations. We also talk about Travisโ€™ book, Before I Step Outside, and how the idea for the book came about, and what the process was like for them.

We also talk aboutโ€ฆ

  • Their relationship with their mom

  • Dealing with harassment

  • Being an influential voice

  • Their spiritual practice and connection

  • The first open mic experience that Travis had

  • Burgerz, next project for Travis


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