Ep. 188 The Importance of the WHY in Entrepreneurship with the Founders of Skinny Dipped


Today we are joined by the founders of Skinny Dipped, our favorite chocolate covered almond company. Skinny Dipped is a brand that we absolutely love and support, and we are so happy to be able to have them on today’s episode to share their women-owned company. Val, Breezy, Lizzie, and Chrissy, are all on to tell us the beautiful human, Josh, that sparked the creation of Skinny Dipped, how they have grown as a brand through the years, and being aware of the processing of almonds and other foods in the United States.

We also talk about…

  • Conversations around death, and how Josh’s passing changed their relationship with it

  • Figuring out the logistics of covering an almond with chocolate

  • Doing the research to get the best products

  • Working as women in a manufacturing world

  • Being recognized as a brand

  • The branding transition

  • What they’ve learned so far in building their business + what’s to come


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