Ep. 187 A Conversation On Creative Origins and Marginalized Voices in Hollywood with Brown Girls Creator Sam Bailey


Excited to have Sam Bailey join the girls on the podcast!  Sam is a filmmaker and writer, and creator of the series, You’re So Talented. She is also the director and co-creator of the web series Brown Girls, which was recently nominated for an Emmy. In this conversation, we talk about where Sam’s creative origins sparked from, her first web series and how that began, and the friendships we have as women. Sam also shares what it has been like having Fatimah as a creative writing partner, and the friendship that it has blossomed into, and the incredible growth of their show, Brown Girls.

We also talk about…

  • The gentrification of Chicago

  • A play Sam dropped out of

  • Support from both family and chosen family

  • What it’s like to cast for her show

  • Learning Brown Girls is up for an Emmy

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Sam’s take on spirituality

  • What’s coming up for Sam


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