Ep. 186 The Feminine Revolution: Understanding and Expressing Your Femininity with Amy Stanton


Amy Stanton, founder and CEO of Stanton & Company, joins us today! Amy has a passion for promoting and building positive female role models and messaging for women, and she does exactly that with her company. Prior to creating her own company, Amy was the Chief Marketing Officer for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, as well as the Director of Marketing and Communications for New Yorkโ€™s Olympic bid. Amy is also the author of The Feminine Revolution, a book about stepping into your femininity to create a better world and brighter life. In our conversation we talk about what it was like for Amy starting her own company in womenโ€™s sports, and what the feminine revolution means to her. Amy also shares a few ways to ignite the power of your own femininity straight from her brand new book, The Feminine Revolution.

We also talk aboutโ€ฆ

  • The effect that masculine leaders have on women

  • Writing a book with a writing partner

  • Crying in the workplace

  • Creating a space where men can be comfortable with femininity + embrace their own

  • Applying her book to her personal life

  • How dancing has brought Amy deep into her feminine


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