Ep. 185 My Hormonal Health Journey: Healing My Hormones + Adrenal Fatigue Naturally with Krista Williams


You asked and we are delivering; MORE SOLO EPISODES!  In today’s episode, Krista shares her hormone health journey. Hormone health has been an extremely popular topic within our Secret Facebook group, Instagram communities, and in health and wellness at large.  Today Krista shares her own personal journey; the struggles, the wins, how she balanced her hormones naturally, and what she’s learned over the past few years. She goes deep, recalling when she was first put on birth control, the feelings and emotions she was having and deeming normal, and her decision to take an in-depth look at her hormone levels.

Krista also talks about…

  • Switching her birth control

  • Taking diet pills + over exercising

  • Getting her results from Your Hormone Balance

  • What the different hormones do + how their levels affect you

  • How she treats her body now

  • The Fab 4

  • How meditation has changed the game

  • Consuming less sugar + incorporating vitamins into her diet

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