Ep. 181 Happy New Year! with Krista and Lindsey

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Happy New Year, family!. I’m sure you can relate–we arrived at the end of this transformative year and hadn’t given ourselves the proper credit for the highs and a moment to honor the learnings in the lows. We decided to structure the episode around a game we play over dinner or to kick off meetings: High, Low + What you learned. Our gratitude for #almost30nation pours out of us shamelessly–WE LOVE YOU AND WE DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!  Our hope for you is that you see the light and limitless potential in yourselves that we see in you. Cheers to the continual evolution of you. Thank goodness you are changing from one year to the next. For those that don’t understand that about you, don’t worry. They’ll catch up. Shine your light bright.

We talk about…

  • Our dreams lately and what we think they mean

  • The self-work Lindsey has been doing as of late

  • What’s to come for 2019


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