Ep. 171 Our Responsibility to Do Better with Luvvie Ajayi


Today on the podcast we are joined by the Luvvie Ajayi, award-winning author, speaker and digital strategist who thrives at the intersection of comedy, technology and activism. Her book, I’m Judging You, is a hilarious book of essays, inspiring readers to BEHAVE BETTER, one sharp and funny side-eye at a time. In this episode, we talk about where her confidence in what she does comes from, and what her approach was when she started writing. Luvvie shares how she stays in check with herself, and how she began to use humor as a tool without even realizing it. We also talk about Luvvie’s New York Times Best Selling book, I’m Judging You–from what sparked the idea, to how she wrote 80,000 words in 5 months. We are so happy to have Luvvie on the podcast because she has used her voice to fight for those who do not have one, to incite change, and inject humor when necessary.

We also talk about…

  • Getting a D in chemistry, and changing her college career

  • Moving to Chicago + feeling like she needed to change herself

  • The apps that helped Luvvie write her book

  • Understanding the tagline in her book

  • The feminism olympics

  • Privilege

  • Social media and how Luvvie manages it


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