Ep. 168 Diet Culture, Mindful Eating + Letting Go of Restriction with Jessica Sepel


Today we are joined by the beautiful Jessica Sepel, clinical holistic nutrition expert and best-selling author of The Healthy Life, and Living The Healthy Life. Jessica offers a gentle and simple approach to health and well-being. We talk about how she healed and transformed her mentality around wellness after having a ten year fad-diet obsession, as well as ways that you can change your own mindset around health. Jessica shares how her last two years of nutrition school really changed the game for her personal wellness, the growth of her blog, and how to deal with bad days. We also dive into Jessica’s approach to exercise, what happens to your body when you over-exercise, and achieving weight-balance.

We also talk about…

  • Meeting at the GOODfest

  • Guilt surrounding diets

  • How to talk to your kids about health/diet

  • Why you should get rid of your scale

  • Jessica’s relationship with therapy

  • Morning routines + social media

  • Ways that Jessica’s husband helped her find self-worth

  • What Jessica is excited about

  • An average day for Jessica


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