Ep. 167 Inhabiting Your Wholeness with Jessica Lanyadoo—Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator + Astrologer


Today we are honored to speak with Jessica Lanyadoo, Oakland CA based Astrologer and Psychic Medium. Currently, Jessica is the resident Astrologer for well-known publications such as Girlboss and The Hoodwitch, as well as offering personal readings which incorporate astrology, intuitive ability, tarot, Medium work, and even using animal communication. Jessica’s goals are to counsel her clients to find their own strategies for helping themselves, and she does so in a safe, fun, and enlightening way. In our conversation, we talk about creating healthy boundaries, how Jessica began her practice in a time where astrology wasn’t accepted, and finding out that she can communicate with animals. Jessica also helps us more understand what the Saturn Return is, and offers ways to help those that are currently going through it, she also introduces us to the Christ Year and just what that can look like. Jessica even shares a little bit about what her own Saturn Return was like, and reads both Lindsey and Krista’s charts!

We also talk about…

  • How to properly sage and clear

  • Day to day ways that Jessica supports herself

  • Being featured on Explained

  • Understanding what houses are + why they matter in your chart


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