Ep. 160 Compatibility, Your Saturn Return + The Other Retrogrades with Aliza Kelly


We are taking a look into the cosmos today with astrologer, Aliza Kelly! At times, astrology can be confusing, but Aliza’s super down to Earth approach makes astrology so much easier to digest and understand. Aliza serves as the in-house astrologer and occult story columnist for Allure Magazine, as well as creating the moneyscopes for Cheddar.com. She shares with us how her uncle peaked her interest in the world of astrology, but how she didn’t fully immerse herself in the world until many years later, when she created a dating app rooted in astrological compatibility. In our conversation, we talk all about eclipses, retrogrades, and saturn returns - oh my! We also quickly discover the ties that the planetary alignment has with the political atmosphere, relationships, and how we can all use astrology as a window to take a look into the future. Listen up as Aliza gives a glimpse into each planet to helps us all understand our own sign, and why we have the characteristics that we do. The Mixology of Astrology, Aliza’s new book, just came out - be sure to grab a copy to better understand how astrology can be used in all aspects of your life, even down to the happy hour drink you sip on!

We also talk about...

  • Eclipses: how they differ + what they mean

  • What’s the big deal with retrogrades?

  • What each planet brings to the astrological table

  • Astrology and relationships

  • The different types of astrology

  • Aliza answers questions from #ALMOST30NATION