Ep. 158 Eat Feel Fresh: Tri-Doshic Eating + Lifestyle Ayurveda for Everyday with Sahara Rose


We are hanging with our soul sister, the funny + beautiful, Sahara Rose. Everyone in our Secret Facebook group can’t stop talking about our first ever episode with Sahara, over a year ago. With her new GORGEOUS cookbook, Eat Feel Fresh, being released, we knew we had to have her back on. Sahara created this cookbook as a way to bring the beauty of Ayurveda to modern times in easy, accessible recipes that are sure to help you live more aligned with your doshas.

In the episode, you’ll get a run down of the 3 doshas (for a deeper look, listen to our first episode with Sahara), how she brought India to life in the pages of her new cookbook, and why it was important to her to work with local photographers for this project. We all had a good laugh over how Vata Lindsey is, and how Pitta Krista is - but Krista with those beautiful Kapha cheeks and Lindsey spending time on the toilet like a true Pitta, we dive into possible combos! PLUS the why behind the recipes Sahara chose to put in her cookbook. We also dish on dosha’s! Sahara shares why she knew she wanted to be with a Pitta guy, and how her dating experience with a Kapha helped her come to that realization. The two of us just couldn’t love this girl any more.

We also discuss...

  • Looking back at Sahara’s transition from her first book to her second  

  • What tri-doshic cooking is

  • The 6 tastes in Ayurveda  

  • Sahara’s favorite recipes in her cookbook

  • Tips on creating powerful passive income