Ep. 155 Letting Your Soul Lead with Spiritual Medium + Channel Bree Melanson


Bree Melanson is a spiritual medium, channel, and soul trainer – but Bree isn’t your conventional psychic. She’s on a mission to make getting in resonance with love more accessible to everyone.  In this episode she uses her “spiritual straight talk” to help us understand the limitations of the ego and lift the divide between the physical and spiritual world. She is playful and funny...and as you’ll hear in the reading, our spirit guides are too!

This episode includes…

  • What exactly is the difference between being a medium and a channel?

  • When and why someone might seek out a channel

  • What blocks most of us from connecting to our higher selves

  • The ages of souls

  • The first time Bree has talked about her abductee experience

  • Creating boundaries as a medium + in her personal life

  • A mini live reading for Lindsey and Krista!

  • Bree’s spirit stories