Ep. 152 Savage Love: An Honest Look at Monogamy, Sex, & LGBTQ Rights with Dan Savage


While in Seattle, Lindsey + Krista had the privilege of hanging out with one of the city’s most influential and controversial figures: Dan Savage, the bestselling author, sex columnist, and activist for the LGBTQ community. Dan was so incredibly authentic, honest, and open during this conversation, and we are so happy to have explored some topics that we’ve never had the opportunity to cover in our show. Sometimes these conversations aren’t just fun, but completely change the way we perceive our world – and this is definitely one of those episodes.

You can find Dan sharing more of his thoughts and providing advice in the “Savage Love” column, his latest best-selling book American Savage, and in the Savage Lovecast.

Dan doesn’t hold back and he has a lot to say, so get excited for some Savage Love!

We talk about…

  • Why Dan lives in Seattle

  • The hardest thing Dan has ever had to do in his life

  • Dealing with criticism

  • Dan Savage in his early 20s

  • Slut shaming

  • Why and how we’ve made monogamy such a big deal in our society (and how that causes problems)

  • People opening up about their kinks

  • Starting the It Gets Better Project 10 years ago & where it is now

  • Where Dan gets his news

  • Hump: America’s best dirty film festival

  • Dan’s advice for his 20-year-old self